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Фермерский рынок

Mercado Municipal

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March 14, 2018
You can’t experience the real folklore or feel in a city without visiting the local market. Markets in Mexico are a plus because there is always something really delicious and greasy to eat there. This place specializes on hangover breakfasts and coffee remedies, here you can have a test of the…
November 13, 2019
Este es el mercado popular más antiguo y conocido de la ciudad, y se encuentra ubicado en el antiguo centro de la ciudad que, a pesar del tiempo y el desbordado crecimiento, sigue siendo el verdadero corazón de la ciudad.
August 18, 2017
Un desayuno en el Café Elvira será lo más cercano que tengas a disfrutar del sazón sonorense. El café "de talega" es tradicional y riquísimo. Mi desayuno favorito son los molletes con chile verde.

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“This place is nice to visit, have a drink with spicy wings, hamburgers, sandwiches... listen to live music or watch sports on the big tv screens.”
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  • Рекомендует 1 местный житель
Sublocality Level 1
“Villa de Seris is a traditional neighborhood where you can wonder around its narrow streets, with its own cathedral and a plaza, this area is good for a Sonoran desert well know within the state and beyond "Coyotas" are like a huge flat cookie filled with different kinds of jam or traditional sweets like jamoncillo, during summer you can have some filled with ice cream. This is the typical dessert for an afternoon coffee break at home.”
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Пивной бар
“Making beers with original style from countries like Ireland, England, Germany, Belgium and USA. High quality ingredients are used, following recipes that allows this brewery excellent beers in flavor, aroma and appearance.”
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26 Av Plutarco Elías Calles
Centro, Son. 83000
Номер телефона+52 662 212 7231
Режим работыОткрыто · Закроется в 6:00 PM
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