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August 17, 2018
A parc that perfectly shows, what nature was naturally constitued of, in this part of Italy. For trekking lovers, included beginners and children, a wide proposal of different ways. For people used to trekking or everybody in good physical shape, the pathway at Torre Paola
February 17, 2018
Journey into the Circe Woods (Selva di Circe), one of few of the best-preserved and largest plain forests existing in the country, and where the Park’s fauna – e.g. the wild boar – can be observed, along with the so-called Verdesca natural pool, a relic from the former Pontine Marshes. Just over…
July 22, 2021
Decidere di fare una vacanza lunga o breve sulla spiaggia di Sabaudia in Lazio è una buona scelta per chi ama mangiare bene ed alternare le ore di mare con belle passeggiate nel verde, sia in pianura, che in collina. La zona, infatti, comprende un litorale sabbioso di una decina di chilometri (fino…
June 10, 2020
Il parco è un paradiso di biodiversità ed include vari comuni, laghi, mare e dune uniche in Italia.
February 18, 2020
Località: Sabaudia Distanza: 11,4 Km Tempo di percorrenza in auto: 15 minuti

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Cena in barca al Circeo, tra mare e Luna
От Цена:$111  за человека
Вкусная прогулка у моря
От Предыдущая цена:$52 Цена со скидкой:$42  за человека
Откройте для себя Чирчео, Понцу и Пальмаролу
От Цена:$155  за человека

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“Terracina is older than Rome and in ancient times the temple was built in honor of Jupiter.”
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“Beautiful abbey from the year of 1100. The inner courtyard is definetely worth a visit, not to mention the curch itself.”
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Natural Feature
“Se si visita Ventotene non si può evitare un giro dell'Isola in barca per osservare la varie spiaggette e scogliere che circondano l'Isola”
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Point of Interest
“ According to legend, the mountain cracked open at the moment of Jesu's death, at the same time as the veil in the Temple of Jerusalem was torn in two . Is also called the Turk's Cave, because one Turkish sailor refused to believe the legend. To vanquish his disbelief, he was granted a special miracle: touching the rock he felt it soften like wax, and was able to leave the impression of his hand on it.”
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Sabaudia, Lazio 04016