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Natural Feature

Oedo Onsen Monogatari Urayasu Mangekyo

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February 11, 2020
Enjoy a dip in a traditional Japanese hot spring ( onsen )! This is something you should definitely experience during your stay in Japan. There is a free bus operating from Urayasu station that will take you to the onsen. Admission is about 1800 yen per person and you can enjoy several types of…
October 17, 2017
Oedo Onsen onogatari / 大江戸温泉物語 Oedo Onsen onogatari is Japan’s first and only natural onsen (hot spring) theme park with 14 kinds of indoor and outdoor baths pumped up from 1400 meters deep. The concept and theme is based on the Edo period. It is a perfect place for people experiencing onset for…
July 22, 2016
Many "onsen" (hot springs) available! You can eat and drink there as well. There is a free shuttle bus from Urayasu Station.
February 4, 2016
Here is a day spa. Hot Springs, enjoy meals, it is popular with families and couples. For people who want to experience the Japanese hot spring is the location of the recommendation.
November 22, 2015
Large scale spa with sauna and various type of hotsprings

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“[Hot spring]. Funabashi Onsen Yuranosato Hot spring closest to home 15 minutes by train and walking Open 9:00 to 25:00 Adult Weekday 700yen Weekend 850yen Under 6 years old Weekday 360yen Weekend 460yen Credit card OK”
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“日本で3番目に人気のテーマパークに選ばれました。 アスレチック、水遊び、BBQ、染め物、陶芸、はた織り… 子ども~お年寄りまで、全世代が1年中楽しめます。 しかも、市営施設なので料金も安いです。 四季折々の植物で、景観もとても美しいので、インスタ映えスポットとしても人気の様です。 船橋駅からバスでも行けますよ。”
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Home Goods Store
“Everyone’s favorite ”DonQuijote”. The store is full of affordable interesting Japanese souvenir. They open till 3am. 夜中の3:00まで営業している驚安の殿堂ドン・キホーテ”
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“東京藝術大学の食堂 / Castle Oura Shokudo in the Tokyo University of the Art’s Ueno Campus Popular school canteens (Shokudo) in the Tokyo University of the Art’s Ueno Campus, Both canteens maintain their original menus including Japanese and Western style sets and beverages. 東京藝術大学の上野キャンパスの中の名物学生食堂であるキャッスル。大浦食堂は、一般の利用も可能(入試期間等不可)。それぞれに和食洋食の定食、喫茶等のオリジナルメニューが揃う。 キャッスル(音楽学部):台東区上野公園12-8 東京藝術大学大学会館内 大浦食堂(美術学部):台東区上野公園12-8 東京藝術大学大学美術館内”
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