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June 21, 2019
If you love nature like me you gotta go this park! you can also hike to Namsan Seoul Tower . even Korean people from other cities want to come here to see flowers and 4 season of scenery.
November 19, 2018
Mt. Nam mas many entrances. Just walk near the Mt.nam, get any entrance and follow the signs. You'll have nature around you.
October 10, 2018
Beautiful park. One of my favourite!
July 19, 2018
you can feel the nature in the city and also you can see the nam-san tower
July 4, 2018
The scenic route to go to Namsan Tower

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Bus Station
“Seoul City Wall Trail : Old Seoul wall from the Joseon Dynasty era : Connected with the other entrance”
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“This restaurant was introduced to the Michelin Guide. Recommended for people who like spicy flavor. I recommend you to visit in the late afternoon because you always have to line up.”
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“In the 1970s, an elevated road was built to connect the eastern and western sides around Seoul Station. However, the road was closed to road traffic due to safety issues. After this, rather than tearing down the existing structure, the road was transformed into Seoullo 7017, a new pedestrian walking experience. Seoullo 7017 gets its name from its years of new life, from being a traffic road in the 70s to a sky garden in 2017. The "17" also has a deeper meaning, with Seoullo 7017 being divided into 17 unique sections, and the road being located 17 meters above the ground. There are a variety of facilities along Seoullo 7017, including an information center, cafes, gardens, and stages. Seoullo 7017 itself is open all day, every day for visitors to enjoy at their leisure. If you would like a guided tour, be sure to sign up for the guided walking tour through the official Visit Seoul website”
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Government Building
“Transport (30mins) - To Bus #406 (near Naebang Stn. exit 2) -> Namsan Tunnel 3 “남산3호터널” Subway to Myeongdong (1 transfer) - From Bus #406 at Shinsegae Department Store -> Naebang Subway to Naebang 1 transfer) ”
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