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Royal Palace

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August 30, 2019
찬 답사, 즐거운 여행을 도와주는 유익한 정보 ① 경복궁 광화문 안쪽 광장에서는 수문장 교대의식 행사가 열린다. ② 경복궁에는 서울의 궁궐을 찾는 내외국인을 대상으로 궁궐의 유래와 역사를 설명해주는 시민자원봉사자모임인 ‘우리 궁궐 지킴이’와 ‘우리 궁궐 길라잡이’(www.palaceguide.or.kr)가 활동하고 있다. 이들은 궁궐을 자세히 안내해주는 해설자 역할뿐 아니라 우리의 역사와 궁궐 보존을 위한 활동도 함께 하고 있다. 경복궁 외에도 창덕궁, 창경궁, 덕수궁에서도 활동하고 있으며 단체 안내를 원할 경우 인터넷으로 2주…
January 18, 2020
There's so many Hanbok rent shop near the palace. Rent Hanbok for 2 or 4 hours, visit palace and take a photo. They have only SS season clothes so better to keep you coat and take off when you take a photo. If you wear Hanbok, palace entrée fee is free. Palace close early for winter time. So better…
May 5, 2020
The main royal palace of the Joseon dynasty. It's situated in the heart of the Korean capital city. 35 minutes by walk
February 3, 2020
t is one of the palace in Jongno-gu, Seoul, and the royal palace of Joseon <an old saying in Seoul>. It is designated as Historic Site No. 117. You can also walk from Anguk Station or Gwanghwamun Station. important role as a court of law in the Joseon Dynasty.
December 28, 2019
Built in 1395, Gyeongbokgung Palace is also commonly referred to as the Northern Palace because its location is furthest north when compared to the neighboring palaces of Changdeokgung (Eastern Palace) and Gyeonghuigung (Western Palace) Palace. Gyeongbokgung Palace is arguably the most beautiful,…
December 23, 2019
Palace for chosun dynasty(1392~1910) Great nightview
November 15, 2019
게스트하우스에서 도보로도 이동이 가능하며 대중교통 이용시 한정거장 거리이다. 그 역사는 조선의 심장을 담고 있다고 할 수 있으며 일제강점기때 한국인의 혼을 빼앗기위해 지어진 조선총독부를 때려부시고 완벽히 재건에 성공하여 현재는 최고의 아름다움을 간직한 법궁이다. Visitors can also walk from the guest house and it is a limited distance for public transportation. The history of heart can be said to contain and…

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Sublocality Level 2
“ It is known for its extensive array of shops and restaurants. There are also loads of others things to do and see in the area. Here are our 10 recommendations. 1. Free art exhibition 2. Eat Street foods 3. Ssamzie-gil market The mall contains over 70 shops that are filled with one-of-a-kind clothes, ceramics, furniture, food and traditional Korean item. It’s a great place for some retail therapy or souvenir hunting. 4. Tapgol Park(Pagoda) Tapgol Park was one of the first parks to be established in Korea and is home to many national treasures. It was also the site of the March 1st Independence Movement of 1919. It’s a fairly small park compared to Korea’s other national parks but makes up for that with its many monuments and must-see sights.”
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“Tour Course Information Walking Tour Course (3 hours 30 minutes) Anguk Station → Bukchon Culture Center → Gahoe-dong 11beonji → Hansangsu Embroidery Workshop → Gahoe Folk Drawing Shop → Bukchon Museum 'Old Fragrance' → Anguk-dong house of Yun Boseonga → Anguk Station ”
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Sublocality Level 2
“Myeong-dong The street of everything is init. Lotte Department Store at Euljiro. Many brand name shops and department stores line the streets and alleys. Common products for sale include clothes, shoes, and accessories. Unlike Namdaemun or Dongdaemun, many designer brands are sold in Myeong-dong.”
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Азиатский ресторан
“Namsan Tower is one of the biggest tower in Korea. The view is amazing. You should Definitely try going. ”
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Торговый центр
“Lots of assemblies and cultural events are opened in this square. The heart of Seoul.”
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Sajik-ro, Seoul 110-050
Номер телефона+82 2-3700-3900