Noordhollands Duinreservaat

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May 10, 2018
I love the dunes and see. And here you can cycle or wander or go by horse. Actually the last thing is recommended because you have more chance of seeing wildlife by horse. It's quite a ride to this area by bike but you can rent bikes in the beautiful town of Bergen or take one of the many…
May 9, 2018
We love to go on an early Sunday morning for a (short or long) walk. There are a lot of joggers and mountainbikers to.
March 11, 2018
Very beautiful to walk and to bike. You will meet wild horses and wild cows. And it is such a sweet landscape.
November 7, 2017
Do forget to get a ticket before entering the dune reserve. The middle part of this dune area falls into Egmond aan Zee until Castricum here the dunes are tall and rugged. There are many dune tops above 30 meters. The highest dune is west of De Bleek (between Egmond aan Zee and Egmond-Binnen) and is…
May 15, 2015
Beautiful and peaceful area where you can take long walks or hikes. You can see all kinds of animals, free ranging horses, goat, sheep and Scottish Highlanders...

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Expeditie Fat Max
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Музей Зансе-Сханс: ветряные мельницы
От Цена:$53  за человека
Национальный парк Зёйд-Кеннемерланд
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“Gorgeous 360 degrees views of the stunning beach, dunes and town of Egmond aan Zee and the greater Bergen area”
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“This ice cream place has won the award for best ice cream in Holland. It is always lined up with a big terrace to sit and enjoy your ice cream before you hop on your bike to the forest or city of Alkmaar. 1,25 for 1 scoop, 2,50 for 2 scoops. Most of the time one scoop is enough.”
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“The beach of Egmond Binnen is accessable only on foot or bike. Very nice and quite beach. At 't Zilverzand you can enjoy the view at beach and sea.”
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Place of Worship
“Bezoek de abdijwinkel: Sancti Adalberti Abdijbieren, holy shit! Visit the shop at the abbey: Sancti Adalberti Triple, holy shit!”
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“Close to Amsterdam, there is Snow world, included an Alps restaurant, excellent for a sportive afternoon in the snow, all year long!”
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Castricum, NH 1901