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Гордон Бич

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Gordon Beach is located at the end of Gordon Street and Frishman Street and is close to the Gordon swimming pool and marina. The beach is popular with tourists because of its proximity to many hotels.
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January 10, 2020
Whether you want to tan, surf or sup, you can find everything at this beach (1.4km)
July 3, 2019
This is the largest beach in Tel Aviv. The food is their unique selling proposition. Very tasty! It is the HQ French during high holidays
June 1, 2019
The perfect beach for the weekend.
February 21, 2017
Это самый лучший пляж Тель-Авива, одно из лучших мест летом где есть просто все,от катания на досках до открытого тренажерного зала и детских площадок а также яхты,скутеры и многочисленные бары,кафе где всегда царит праздничная атмосфера... :-)))
September 2, 2019
Very nice and beautiful beach with a lovely boardwalk

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“Authentic Israeli Hummus in a rustic shop near the port. Open day & night, and mandatory stop for any night owls. Considered to be the best Hummus joint in the north of the city.  ”
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Магазин у дома
Point of Interest
Торговый центр
“Into shopping? Dizengof Center, 1km away from us, is one of the oldest shopping and entertainment centers in Israel, opened its doors to the public in 1977. Dizengof Center was designed to be a direct extension of the fashionable Dizengof Street. The vision of the architects, Aliza Toledo and Yitzchak Yashar, who were awarded the Rokach Prize for the design of the building, was to craft a sensation of a "street within a street". The complex was designed as a differentiated and differentiating urban structure and, in contrast, as a direct extension of the surrounding streets, and this is what led to its spiral shape, sloping floors and the stores and restaurants being spread out almost haphazardly and not concentrated into clusters of like - type stores. This unique structure gives the visitor a sense of taking a casual stroll along air conditioned streets. But should you be in a About 40,000 people visit the Dizengof Center stores daily, amounting to almost a million visitors per month!”
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Французский ресторан
“opens 24/7. everything is delicious here. great for dinner and late nights.”
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Tel Aviv District
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