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Mangwon Market 望遠市場

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February 26, 2020
Taste ‘Korean Food in Traditional Markets’ with Lots of Fun Published Date : Dec. 19, 2019 / Edited Date : Dec. 26, 2019 Taste ‘Korean Food in Traditional Markets’ with Lots of Fun As foreigners of various nationalities come to Korea, interest in Korean food is rising globally. The culinary…
February 19, 2020
the biggest traditional market from hongdae, Mia's all houses. try the street food here, and various fruits, low price feeling the real local after enjoy this market, the Mangwon Han river park is also good to visit. Mia的所有房屋附近最大的傳統市場。 在這裡嘗試街頭小吃,各種水果,低廉的價格,真正的當地感覺 享受了這個市場之後,望遠漢江公園也很值得一遊。
January 19, 2020
You can enjoy a lot of tasty Korean food.
November 5, 2019
Korean traditional market! You can see everything about Korea food :)
October 12, 2019
Mangwon market is a quite lively traditional market with fresh stuff. Especially fruits and vegetables are very good price with high quality. It is quite local, but there are a lot of trendy shop.There are some small local restaurants for lunch, some snack, desserts, drinks, etc. It is not too far…

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Mangwon-dong, Seoul 121-231
Номер телефона+82 2-335-3591
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