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Natural Feature

Озеро Норрис

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Leigh Ann
Leigh Ann
June 6, 2020
Within an hour drive from the Cabin is the beautiful Norris Lake in TN. Many marinas rent Boats and Pontoons and also have floating restaurants.
May 27, 2020
If you are walking, Kayaking, boating, skiing, or just enjoying the views this is a must see.

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College Cafeteria
“Stunning campus that is great for enjoying events and strolling the grounds.”
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“This is a floating sports bar that is family friendly. good food, bands usually on weekends. they also have corn hole games. Dont forget to pick up souveniers and T-shirts”
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“As music dancing and 90's music as you'd ever want! Would personally discourage against going to Southbound next door.”
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“This nearby park is home to a variety of activities for the whole family. Big Ridge State Park consists of more than 15 miles of hiking trails ranging from easy to very rugged. You can hike along dry ridges, lush hollows, old roadbeds, lakeshores and beside cemeteries and remnants of early settlements. ”
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“If Tennessee football is your passion, House Mountain Camp is the perfect location. We are so close you can hear the fireworks every time U.T. makes a touchdown! Plan on staying with us the next time you come to Knoxville for a game.”
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