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Butter POPCORN 北新地

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May 2, 2016
get some famous french toast

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Night Club
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Place of Worship
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Okonomiyaki Restaurant
“Okonomi-yaki is a famous Japanese casual dining experience especially popular in Osaka. It is a Japanese style pancake made from batter with chopped cabbage and various kinds of ingredients such as meat, seafood and eggs. While it is often cooked at home, there are many special restaurants that serve this unique dish, too. Kiji is one of the famous Okonomiyaki restaurants in Osaka. When you enter the premises through the restaurant’s front-entrance curtain, the polite chef and staff will warmly welcome you. The inside is rather small. It has four seats at the bar and four tables, each equipped with a hotplate. The okonomi-yaki is served on the hotplate, so the food stays hot while you eat.”
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Kita Ward, Osaka Prefecture 530-0002
Номер телефона06-4797-6216
Режим работыЗакрыто · Откроется в 11:30 AM