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November 4, 2016
Vondelpark is great in the summer for the open air theater, rollerblading or going for a run, BBQs with friends and just chilling.
November 2, 2016
The lovely Vondelpark! Enjoy a nice stroll through the park and see the locals make their daily run. Or go for a drink in one of the many nice little café's, such as Blauwe Theehuis or Vondeltuin.
October 28, 2016
City park of Amsterdam
Cap Homes
Cap Homes
October 17, 2016
The most famous park in Amsterdam with the nice places to have a drink and relax.
October 14, 2016
Come and enjoy the sun! The Vondelpark is good for running and exercising but also great for hanging out with friends.

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Художественная галерея
“It’s like a castle filled with treasures. 8,000 of them to be exact. From airplanes to dolls houses, the world-famous Night Watch, and hundreds of model ships and weapons. The museum is brimming with exciting stories, and there’s always lots to do”
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Художественная галерея
“ The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam is a museum in Amsterdam for modern and contemporary art and design, founded in 1874. In 1895 the museum opened in a new building on the Paulus Potterstraat, near the Rijksmuseum”
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Souvenir Shop
“he Van Gogh Museum is a museum dedicated to the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh, located on the Paulus Potterstraat and the Museumplein in Amsterdam, in the South district. The collection contains over two hundred paintings, five hundred drawings and seven hundred letters by Vincent van Gogh, as well as his collection of Japanese prints, and the library contains more than 23,000 titles.”
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Торговый центр
“With shops offering enough pumps, boots, spike heels, designer clothes, cosmetics, suitcases and specialty foods to satisfy the fussiest shopper, Leidsestraat attracts droves of tourists, locals and fashionistas. Whether you're searching for high style, camp shoes, Dutch cheese or soft drugs, you're likely to find what you're looking for in the boutiques, high-end department stores, specialty shops and coffeeshops on this busy passenger byway and the small streets shooting off from it.”
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Историческое место
“The Anne Frank House is a museum with a story. As a visitor, you will experience this story through quotes, photos, videos and original objects. The atmosphere in the museum is authentic and modest. Voorhuis en Achterhuis On 6 July 1942, the Frank family went into hiding in the building at Prinsengracht 263. This is Otto Frank's business premises. Later, the Van Pels and Fritz Pfeffer family join them. Otto's business premises consist of two parts. A front house and a back house. The eight people in hiding reside on the top floors of the Secret Annex. When Otto Frank was the only person in hiding to return from Auschwitz in June 1945, the Secret Annex was empty and bare. From the moment the Anne Frank House opened its doors as a museum in 1960, the Secret Annex remained empty at the request of Otto Frank.”
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Amsterdam, NH