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Outlet Mall

Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet

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In Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet vind je alle nationale en internationale topmerken, van kids tot business fashion en van sport tot luxury brands, met 30-70% korting. Een unieke beleving met ruim 100 winkels, cafés en restaurants, waar iedere dag weer iets nieuws te ontdekken is.
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January 18, 2020
Benefit from an extra 30-70% discount, 7 days a week at more than 150 stores. Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet is a unique experience with more than 150 beautiful stores. International fashion brands. Open 7 days a week. 150 stores. Exclusive offers.
July 20, 2018
Large shopping mall with outlet stores next to Bataviawerf. Very nice architecture as well.
February 21, 2014
For luxurious shopping.
March 22, 2014
An hour by car, but worth going there if you're looking for clothes bargains.
July 27, 2018
Deze fashion outlet met sfeervolle straatjes en pleinen en unieke architectuur is een shopping walhalla voor echte fashion lovers. Met ruim 250 internationale fashion & lifestylemerken.
April 6, 2014
This place is a great outlet for brand clothing.
September 25, 2019
Great place to go shopping
February 12, 2020
Famous outlet for clothing. Difficult te reach by public transportation but good for shopping if by car. About 40 minutes drive from cabin.

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Lelystad Huis tussen bossen en water
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Casa Batavia Bed & Breakfast in Lelystad

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“Lelystad. Distance: 32 km. The Batavia Yard is first of all known for the reconstruction of the VOC ship the Batavia from 1628. This world-famous ship can be viewed throughout the year, both individually and with a tour. The Batavia Yard in Lelystad was founded in 1985. Willem Vos, a builder of traditional wooden ships, was then assigned a site on the coast of Markermeer for his idea to build a reconstruction of the Batavia ship. The yard has since developed into a center for historic shipbuilding. Authentic and traditional building methods are used as much as possible, while research is also being conducted into shipbuilding techniques, particularly from the 17th century. From the start, the construction of historic ships built in an authentic way attracted a lot of attention from visitors. The yard therefore also became a tourist attraction. In addition, the construction of historic ships was set up as a learning and work experience project for young people. Bataviawerf is a private non-profit foundation. The organization can be characterized as a combination of tourism company, center for traditional shipbuilding, knowledge center and volunteer organization. The story of the Netherlands is the story of water. Water as a bitter enemy, water as a source of trade and prosperity. Batavialand brings our struggle against the water to life - land reclamation and dyke construction - but also the voyages of discovery, overseas trade and the specialist knowledge that the Netherlands exports. More than 7,000 years of life on the border of land and water - you hear, see and feel it in Batavialand! Batavialand is located in an appropriate place: on Markermeer, in Lelystad, the capital of the province of Flevoland. The largest land reclamation project of all time! Batavialand has an indoor and outdoor location. Outside you will find the ship yard, here you can still see the historic shipbuilding and live demonstrations of old crafts, really nice! At the dock lies the famous reconstruction of the VOC ship the Batavia. The museum surprises you with maritime exhibitions, presentations and things for the youngest visitors. Batavialand offers the whole family a fun, educational and interactive day out.”
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Amusement Park
“ A large aerospace museum in the Netherlands that has been located on Lelystad Airport since 2003”
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“Want to stand eye to eye with a herd of galloping horses, impressive red deer or rooting boar? it is here!”
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Natural Feature
“Our attempt to "recreate" wild nature in the Netherlands. Which doesn't actually work in a country with very limited space and without top-predators, other than us humans. Currently a political hot potato in NL as it has just been decided to cull about half the population of "big grazers" (wild horses, deer & wild cattle). Anyway, the wolf is back, after 137 years, so who knows. Definately worth a visit and the birds are great.”
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“The Agora theatre usually offers a great program in plays, musicals, dance recitals etc, but I love catching a movie there in the big Theatre hall ("de Grote Zaal"). It's an amazing looking hall with great seats”
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60 Bataviaplein
Lelystad, FL 8242 PN
Номер телефона+31 320 292 900
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