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Hsing Tian Kong

Рекомендуют 45 местных жителей
109 Section 2, Minquan East Road
Taipei City, 104
Номер телефона+886 2 2502 7924

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Amanda & Eddie
Amanda & Eddie
July 26, 2018
台北市指標性的廟宇,每天香火鼎盛,很值得去看看! One of the biggest temples in Taipei. Always full of people. It's a great place to feel the culture.
Shiang Yu
Shiang Yu
June 01, 2017
台北知名廟宇: 行天宮 提供免費收驚服務 One of the most famous temple Xingtang Temple which offer free Exorcism
August 27, 2016
This temple is devoted to Guan Yu, the patron god of businessmen, and is relatively recent in origin. Sculptures of dragons feature prominently in this temple's design.