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The Japan Folk Crafts Museum

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Dating from the early Showa period in the 1920s, this Japanese building shows signs of influence from Western architecture. Inside, the spacious exhibition hall seems to stretch on endlessly, whetting one’s appetite for its treasures. The displays have a distinctive Showa flavor—a glimpse into an interesting era of Japan’s development. Right after opening or before closing, there are fewer people, so you can have a relaxing tour. At those times, it’s quiet enough to hear the wooden floor creak under your feet, which adds to the retro ambience.
February 21, 2017

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November 28, 2016
The Japan Folk Crafts Museum / 日本民藝館
October 27, 2016
exhibition of Japan folk crafts
October 25, 2016
Classic craft & Ceramics museum which developed by Muneyoshi Yanagi ( Father of Sori Yanagi). Now, we look this ceramic like modern style, great architecture, also great about his house(this house is opened for several limited days.)
Meg & Tada
Meg & Tada
January 16, 2016
If you interesting in Japanese folk crafts please visit The Japan Folk Crafts Museum. This museum displays Japanese Traditional ceramics, textile, woodworking, lacquerware, glassware and others.
November 09, 2016
日本伝統芸能の博物館。当館所蔵品のほとんどは、柳宗悦の審美眼を通して蒐められたもので、日本および諸外国の新古諸工芸品約17,000点を数える。建築ファンなら、和と洋を取り入れ、国の有形文化財にもなっている旧館はぜひ見ておきたい。 This is the Japan Folk Crafts museum.The collections are new and old, made in Japan and also in various countries.If you are interested in architecture, you will enjoy the old wing…

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“Historic Japanese traditional arts theater. Noh is a classic stage drama based on historical myths and stories.”
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Художественная галерея
“There was a nice exhibition about renaissance of architecture. It is located quite near from Meguro river, peaceful place. I like the feeling there.”
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“For those who speak / read Japanese and are interested in modern Japanese literature this small museum is a treasure house.”
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“The exhibitions are world-class, focused mainly on contemporary culture, but the secrets of the Mori Art Museum’s success are location (part of the phenomenally popular Roppongi Hills), location (on the 52nd and 53rd floors of the Mori Tower, offering spectacular views) and location (within a two-floor ‘experience’ that includes a bar, cafe, shop and panoramic observation deck). ”
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“near by Isetan Department Store, famous traditional fried-curry restaurant ”
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