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Nublu Classic

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It still feels like the gritty hangout it was when it opened in Alphabet City in 2002, when its underground scene hosted many famous jazz musicians. These days, the club features Brazilian bands throughout the week. On Wednesday nights, Forró in the Dark plays original dance hits and classics from the traditional repertory of northeastern Brazil. Be on the lookout—you might spot a Brazilian celebrity, like Jorge Ben, Bebel Gilberto, or Baby do Brasil. They’ve even been known to join the band for a couple songs.
February 16, 2017

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November 9, 2017
This semi hidden hole in the wall place is hard to find unless you know it is there. It is very cute on the inside and often has great music.
July 19, 2016
Great music, company, prepare to be surprised by the eclectic clientele.
May 15, 2018
Bizarre world-music venue in the middle of nowhere. Go here for some surprises. Up a few blocks, there's a larger, more modern venue from the same owners.
August 8, 2018
Classic hipster bar with great downtempo vibe.
May 6, 2018
Local Jazz Club, and Brazilian influence.
September 11, 2016
Hole in the wall- original- legit music venue with jazz and other off-beat (but not too off-beat) musical performances. They sell beer and sake (no liquor). I think their shows are at 9, 10, and midnight. But you can look it up.
May 9, 2018
a super cool speakeasy style jazz club
April 13, 2016
Amazing bar with great vibes. Go up the stairs and ring the bell. Great art from Petar Timotic on all the walls.

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“Kind of a mix of bar and restaurant. Great for a glass of wine, or for light snack / meal. Great ambiance.”
  • Рекомендуют 24 местных жителя
Магазин одежды
“Aspirations of drag queening? Go here. This is the stylist who did all of Carrie's wardrobe in Sex and the City. Pretty awesome.”
  • Рекомендуют 2 местных жителя
“Infinite Wrench improv - Friday and Saturday nights. Check out KGB bar upstairs, and a speakeasy on the top floor. East 4th Street is one of my favorites in NYC. The history is rich and you'll be able to tell by the bar and theater ”
  • Рекомендуют 3 местных жителя
Концертный зал
“Terrific world music venue with rotating nightly acts. Solid Middle Eastern food, good choice of beers, wine and spirits.”
  • Рекомендуют 8 местных жителей
Бразильский ресторан
“Esperanto is a lively Brazilian Latin restaurant, featuring live music and free events. Esperanto is unique to the New York representation of the cultures and places of South America and the Caribbean. ”
  • Рекомендуют 92 местных жителя
62 Avenue C
Manhattan, NY 10009
Alphabet City