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“Simply the best to shop and have a coffee. Simplemente el mejor lugar para ir de compras y tomar un café.”
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“My very favorite italian restaurant in palma. Open only during the day. Freshly handmade itilian backery. If you go... do not stop trying Spaguetti Carbonara!”
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“¡Viva México! And of course, ¡viva its food! Authentic and delicious Mexican tacos with an important spicy note are its best-seller. With a 100% surfer-vintage style decoration this charming little ‘California meets Mexico’ restaurant is a must-visit. ”
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“Located in Carrer Sant Jaume as well this Majorcan bistrot elaborates high-end dishes which are clearly influenced by many gastronomic cultures around the world. Chef Fabián Fuster is constantly evolving and adding that ‘special something’ to all his creations.”
  • Рекомендуют 5 местных жителей
58 Carrer de Cotoner
Palma, PM 07013
Номер телефона+34 971 22 10 66