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Лучшие книжные магазины по мнению местных жителей

“This drive-through wildlife park is super unique and a ton of fun. We highly recommend their bird show!”
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Торговый центр
“Shopping is just shopping, right? There are a few little shopping centers in Sedona with all kinds of shops including restaurants and they're fine but Tlaquepaque is different. It's a unique plaza fashioned after an old Mexican town. Great shops, galleries, and restaurants. Fun to walk around to appreciate the architecture and some of their events. Have a nice stroll.”
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“Beautiful cliff dwellings, again next to Beaver creek. Easy to walk around and cooled by the huge sycamore trees in the summer. There are usually guides there explaining the history & they are happy to answer questions. It is a special place, the natives still come here to have ceremonies. There is a model showing you how people used to live and a little museum with a shop.”
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“Mount Humphreys is amazing! Set your GPS for Arizona Snowbowl, park at the ski resort, and go hiking around there (hiking only where there's no snow, but the sightseeing is Epic any time)!”
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Другие интересные места на свежем воздухе
“Verde Ranch RV Resort is only 5 minutes to from Out of Africa Wildlife Park wildlife park and zoo.”
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“If you have any science nerd in you, you love the telescopes as well as the history of this place. ”
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“The views here are epic! All of these hikes can be found on Google Maps for directions on how to get to them.”
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Вегетарианский/веганский ресторан
“Love it!! We eat here often and we enjoy sitting outside under beautiful tall trees and next to the water features. The chef/head gardener is amazing and the chocolate is all organic and authentic. A bit pricey candy :) ”
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“A church with a beautiful view and an interesting history open for your deep reflective thought and spiritual connection.”
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“This place is a Flagstaff institution and very much embodies the funky free spirited Flagstaff people. The coffee is fabulous and I highly recommend trying a pastry ... or two.”
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“Do not miss this important cultural and naturally gorgeous museum and grounds!”
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“This place is extremely well done and has top-notch views and valet parking for a price that is worth it. Maybe $40 per person (taxes and tip) with drinks extra. ”
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National Park
“Slide Rock State Park is located at oak creek canyon, that is open for swimming, wading and sliding. The world-famous slide that our park is named for is an 80 foot-long slippery chute that is worn into sandstone. Slide Rock has made the Travel Channel's list of "10 Top Swimming Holes in the United States." Sedona's red rocks form the "ultimate water slide." The channel compiled the list for its new series, "Top Secret Swimming Holes." it's super fun for all ages, also read safety guide on line. ”
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“Beautiful State Park just off Hwy 89A. Easy trails and some incredible views! Mornings are peaceful and quiet. There are tours with volunteers who can show you around.”
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“Approximately 26 min away, this is another favorite and popular eating place. The inside seating is intimate and comfortable, the outside back eatery is overlooking the vineyards. Family owned with French chefs that produce a very European menu. Lots of cheese, meats and homemade relishes, jams and preserves & of course many good wines. They do samplers.”
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Место для завтраков
“This is some of the BEST mexican food in Flagstaff - especially for breakfast!”
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