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Здоровье и велнес в г. Токио


Theme Park
“Large spa and sauna facility, one of the most famous in Tokyo Enjoy hot water while enjoying the night view in the middle of the city, and get the best healing”
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Hot Spring
“Worth a visit for the kids; where the locals go From Shinjuku Station Taxi 30 minutes Train 50 minutes ”
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“On the contrary to Akihabara, this place is for otaku girls! Not only there are many anime/manga/cosplay related shops, also are tons of bars, restaurants, ramens...”
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Bath House
“This is "Onsen (Hot Springs)" where is very popular for local peoples even foreigner. There is open-air bath so you can get rid of fatigue and will be refresh !”
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Hot Spring
“「SAYA no YU 」Japanese style hot spring SPA/tattoo NG/  There are many kinds in the bathtub 10:00-24:00 1100yen”
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“Hot Spring Sakura 10:00 am – 10:30 pm Adult: 864yen(Children up to 3 years of age or older elementary school) Children:540 yen/Rental:Face Towel108 yen, Bath towel216 yen, Room wear324 yen ”
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“Natural hot spring You can enjoy two kinds of good quality hot springs that spring up from deep underground in Tokyo. Black springs has a beautiful skin effect, and Gold springs is effective in restoring fatigue. You can take a bath at 460 yen per person. [business hours] weekdays 12: 00 ~ 24: 00 Sunday 8: 00 ~ 24: 00 Holidays 12: 00 ~ 24: 00 *Closed : Weekday Monday”
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Занятия йогой

Тренажерные залы

“Built for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics by renowned architect Tange Kenzo, the stadium hosted the olympic swimming competitions. It is now also being used for ice skating and volleyball competitions, concerts and various other events.”
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“Public sports center. There are pool, training gym, dance studio and judo gym. by costing a few yen, you can use them.”
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“Good spots to visit are the Kokyo Gaien National Garden at the Imperial Palace Plaza, and the East Garden of the Imperial Palace, where relics such as keep of the Edo Castle still remain.”
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“Shibuya Scramble Crossing The busiest street crossing in Japan. At peak times of the day, 3,000 people enter the crossing per minute. F It is the real way to feel as if you have arrived in the big city.  ”
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Спорт и отдых

Салоны красоты

Маникюрный салон
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Маникюрный салон
Маникюрный салон
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