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Лучшие книжные магазины по мнению местных жителей

Торговый центр
“There is not a soul in Israel that doesn’t know Dizengoff Center Mall. Being in the heart of Tel-Aviv’s most frequented shopping area, Dizengoff Center Mall is by far the largest shopping mall in Israel and accommodates up to 1 million visitors each and every month. The mall is named after Tel-Aviv’s first mayor, Mr. Meir Dizengoff, and has first opened its gates to the public in 1977. The mall is animal friendly and dogs are more than welcome to visit its shops along with their owners. Dizengoff Center Mall – Uniquely Designed Dizengoff Center Mall is one of the most uniquely designed urban structures in Israel. Its uneven avenues seem to defy logic and it is extremely easy to get lost within the mall. In order for things not to get frustrating the mall’s administration has developed its own navigation app, known as EasyDizi. It has even been said that shop owners in Dizengoff Center Mall are ordinary people who simply couldn’t find their way out and decided to set up shop to make a living. Anything & Everything Being the largest mall in Israel, Dizengoff Center Mall offers anything you might need, want, or be interested in. Fashion stores and outlets, computer and technology stores, music stores, health, pharma, and so on and so forth are just part of the stores you’ll find within the mall. To accommodate other tastes, it offers a movie theatre, book stores, kids’ playing areas, gyms, and even a 24 hour open indoors pool. Alongside ordinary shops the mall houses boutique shops, such as a comic book store and a tattoo parlor, among others. Don’t Miss out on Dizengoff Center Mall! When in Israel you simply can’t miss out on the experience of strolling through Dizengoff Center Mall, just don’t forget to bring a map with you… ”
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College Library
“Постоянные и меняющиеся выставки, красивая архитектура. Внутри имеется ресторан.”
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“Первый еврейский район в городе. Милые кафешки, хорошие рестораны, дизайнерские магазинчики. ”
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“Это самый лучший пляж Тель-Авива, одно из лучших мест летом где есть просто все,от катания на досках до открытого тренажерного зала и детских площадок а также яхты,скутеры и многочисленные бары,кафе где всегда царит праздничная атмосфера... :-)))”
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“The most famous and largest Carmel market in Gush Dan. An unmissable Israeli experience, highly recommend. Full of food stores, restaurants, clothing stores.”
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“In the eastern part of HaYarkon Park lie the Rock Garden and the Tropical Garden. The Rock Garden in HaYarkon Park is one of the largest of its kind in the world at 10 acres. Showcasing Israel’s geological diversity with poetic descriptions for the amazing rocks which are displayed, the rock garden also features over six acres of cacti, 3,500 species of plants, and some fantastic views across the HaYarkon Park’ lake. The five-acre Tropical Garden in HaYarkon Park is home to a rain forest-like micro-climate with a tiny lake home to swans, fish, and beautiful orchids and vines. HaYarkon Park also features a bike-rental center. Biking in HaYarkon park is easy because of the flat, accessible trails, and is a great way to see the park, and as an activity to escape from the hustle and bustle of downtown Tel Aviv which is only minutes away. Also within HaYarkon Park is one of Israel’s largest water parks (complete with water slides, a wave pool and a toddlers’ pool), a bird sanctuary and petting zoo.”
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“With beautiful architecture, great restaurants and a long list of unique stores, the old city of Jaffa is a must see.”
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“Habima Square (also known as The Orchestra Plaza) is a public major space in the center of Tel Aviv, Israel, which is home to a number of cultural institutions such as the Habima Theatre, the Culture Palace, and the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art. The square is at the intersection of Rothschild Boulevard, Hen Boulevard, Dizengoff Street and Ben Zion Boulevard. ”
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Place to eat
“Pharmacy + beauty & personal care products. (Located at floor -1 inside the shopping center).”
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“Целый комплекс ресторанов и магазинов, крытый рынок (базар) огромный выбор мест посидеть, выпить и поесть, дети могут покататься на машинках или роликах. Можно просто тихо посидеть на специальных шезлонгах. Есть несколько баров с музыкой. ”
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“main market of TLV. among the fruit stalls you can find all sorts of trendy food stalls and restaurants. stroll and explore the adjacent streets with cafe's, bars and restaurants.”
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“Eating out can be very pricey but if you know some insiders’ places, it can be even cheaper than buying products in grocery stores. Tel Aviv is well known for its amazing street food. If you’re traveling to Tel Aviv, eating hummus has to be on your must-do list. I wanna tell you about a hummus place I discovered last summer in the heart of Shuk HaCarmel – “Hummus Magen David”. Once you’ve tried Magen David hummus, you would never compromise for industrially made hummus in supermarkets again. This place is always busy and you have to wait in line for a while but it’s worth it. All tables are shared, so feel free to grab a seat with strangers.”
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“A mix between a Chef cuisine and Tel Aviv Chill atmosphere. You might have to wait for a table but its worth it and prices are decent. ”
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Порт / марина
“This authentic port is one of the most ancient ports in the world. the smell of authenticity in the air, one of the only places that still stay loyal to it past yet became trendy with good food and beautiful view”
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“Authentic Tel Avivian Bar where hipsters mix with tourists at the sound of contemporary music in a 90's scene”
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Пешеходная площадь
“The main blvd. of TLV. The best restaurants, Burgers, Pizzas, Bars and everything you can think of - is right there.”
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