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Лучшие книжные магазины по мнению местных жителей

“This beach is one of the most popular in the area. Many tourists, as well as good cafes all along the boardwalk.”
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“ Fancy good chef restaurant specialise in seafood and meat 70-200 nis a dish. ”
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“Any Musician of celebrity that comes to Israel is taken there to be shown the fun local night scene. Its in the open air and Is a Jaffa jem located right in the heart of the flea market. Also fun in the day. Great food, drinks and most importantly atmosphere. ”
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Памятник / достопримечательность
“A landmark of Jaffa, this clocktower marks the square with a bit of unique history.”
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Night Club
“An awesome nightclub that hosts a long list of cool parties, shows and events.”
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Ресторан морепродуктов
“beautiful location right on the beach. 15 min walk from here by the sea. have great seafood at launch and evening, and awesome breakfasts. not cheap but worth it.”
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“Welcome to the Yemenite vineyard (Kerem Hateimanim). this tiny neighborhood located beyond the Carmel market, originally founded in the 1930’s by immigrants from Yemen (therefore her name). since then it became discovered by bohemian Tel Avivians looking for inexpensive houses. even though many of the buildings are nicely renovated and influence by the artsy crowd, the neighborhood is still populated by old timers and hasn’t lost its authenticity. it is full of charming and quaint, like a village. If you are looking for spicy Yemenite food in a homey atmosphere, there are plenty of restaurants to try, Carmel market for fresh ingredients, clothes, flowers and many more, street art, bike rides in the small streets and enjoy the peace and quiet. Recommended places food Hamitbahon – jewish home food – 18 Rabi Akiva st. Maganda – Yemen traditional cuisine – 26 Rabi Meir st. Aziza – Surean traditional cuisine – 4 malan st. Yom Tov coffee shop – 30 Yom tov st. Shlomo & Doron – the best hummus – 29 Yishun st. Shimon restaurant – for best traditional soups – 28 icha kapach st. Nightlife Norman bar –  8 Hilel Hazaken St. Haminzar bar – 19 gadera st. Shopping Mike bike – 11 Rabi Akiva st. Salon Berlin – secondhand designers clothes & bar – 15 Israel Nagara st. Shlomit ofir – designer clothes and jewelry – 10 Hilel Hazaken st. The chinese grocery – 48 Hakovshim st. Culture Arts and craft market – every Tuesday and friday on Nahalat Binyamin st. ”
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“Starting at 18:00. Imperial Craft Cocktail Bar. an impressive bar that has entered the list of the 100 best bars in the world. Only this trivia detail makes you want to jump to the Drink.”
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“The most prominent shopping mall in Tel Aviv. If you want to go on a shopping spree in an air-conditioned space - that's the place to go. It can take 20-30 minutes to walk over there, but it's just a few minutes by taxi, and they will all know where it is. A lot of bus lines will stop there too.”
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“Full of Life colors spices and Great resturants in cheap pricese make this market my fav. Specially during the week when its bit more relex.”
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“Head here for one of the best Israeli street food spots you can find in Tel Aviv ”
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“HATACHANA (In Hebrew: "התחנה") A train station on the Jaffa-Jerusalem line, located between the sea shore and the Neveh Zedek neighborhood, operated from 1892 to 1948. This was the first railway line between Little Asia and Egypt and the first means of transportation to replace the camel as the mode of transport for heavy loads taken over long distances. Today, the railway station complex covers an area of 20 dunams, with 22 buildings from various periods, which have been carefully restored. Inside the complex are restaurant shops and more. The station complex includes, among other things, the buildings of the historic train station, the Templar Willand family and its factory. ”
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“Bohemian cafe in the middle of Jaffa's flea market. great place at any time of the day. very busy at night with many pubs around.”
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“Florentin is the most wanted neigborhood to visit these days, calld the 'soho' by many thanks to its mixed population, youthful and yuppie vibe. U can find here great food, bars, parties, and lots of graffiti that will make your visit more then interesting. ”
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Концертная площадка
“If you like dance, you can watch shows here, but its really just a nice place to walk around and explore one of the nicest neighborhoods in Tel Aviv. Walk to and around the Dellal center to get a sense of Neve Tzedek, an idyllic oasis in the city. Make sure to check out Shabazi street for a fun window-shopping stroll. ”
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Израильский ресторан
“Its a casual spot serving Israeli food to the next level, things in pitta and the best cauliflower. Check it out.”
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