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Популярные достопримечательности и неизвестные уголки: узнайте, в чём уникальность города, с помощью местных знатоков.

“Just north in Sawyer, Green Bush is located on Sawyer Road just east of I-94. It does get crowded but the beer and food are very good. When there, stop into Sawyer Home & Garden Center! Near hardware store and market with some interesting items.”
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“Can't leave Sawyer without spending a day at Warren Dunes! It is a ten minute car ride right off of Red Arrow Highway!”
  • Рекомендуют 57 местных жителей
General Contractor
“A little bit of gourmet, fine wine and cheeses. Fresh produce and vegetables and fruit that was picked day of. Not a huge selection but a fine selection. This is the local nursery but they sell food, gourmet food, fresh farm food and a selection of outdoor furniture, clothing, seeds, desserts and chocolate. Liquor store as well.”
  • Рекомендуют 39 местных жителей
“Right across the street from Greenbush Brewery in downtown Sawyer you'll find Infusco Coffee Roaster. They do all your specialty hot and cold brews as well as teas and more. They have a delicious lineup of pastries and other snacks available as well. The atmosphere is warm and inviting. A great place to catch a morning cup of coffee or spend some time reading a book.”
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“most spectacular views of Lake Michigan and the best sunset I have ever seen over the lake - A must see for sure. Pack a cooler and head to this (Massive dunes and so tall you can sand surf down the dunes) there are so many hiking and bike trails in this park you can go trail blazing with your bikes or go on a nature walk climb the sand dunes and see the spectacular views of Lake Michigan, then go for a swim in the lake endless adventures await you and your family while at the Warren Dunes”
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“Everything's delicious, Scott loves the duck, Mindy loves the homemade turkey burger and perfect frites! ”
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Ближневосточный ресторан
“Cafe Gulistan has been in Harbert, Michigan and just north of Union Pier. Wonderful food!”
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Theme Park
“20 min drive -- Fun place for kids and adults alike! Go-karts, mini golf, bumper boats, batting cages, and an arcade.”
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“Family-owned butcher shop with great quality beef, chicken, pork, lamb, etc. They do sell some seafood as well. It’s a little bit of a hike in Sawyer but the quality is fantastic. They do get busy so its recommended to call ahead or place an order online.”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“This is a rural superstore... one room after another caters to anything and everything. It's a small grocery store, a farm stand, a garden center, a kitchen supply house, gift store and so much more. If you need rations and you're heading north, go here.”
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Furniture / Home Store
“Sojourn is a beautiful shop with a sophisticated mix of home accessories, jewelry, and vintage furniture. An impressive collection to even big city dwellers. It's the stunning black building on the left side of the Red Arrow Highway as you head towards the Greenbush Brewery. 15% off for guests of the Guest House! Just mention that you're staying here. ”
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“If you're local and love industrial furniture, make sure you check this place out. ”
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“This is a fantastic warm and friendly place just down the road from the cottage--walking distance. Great for breakfast or a picnic lunch to go. Or pick up some hors d'oeuvres and wine for your dinner at home. ”
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Магазин одежды
“Catherine Doll collage clothing is located in the old Firehouse in Sawyer. She's gone green~~sustainable fashion created from repurposed clothing--overdyed, pieced, crushed, tied, clamped, taken apart and put back together again. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind!”
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“Cute, pick-your-own or buy already boxed blueberry patch! Around $2 per POUND if you pick which is great for little kids and families! If you pick your own, you essentially walk around the farm with a basket go to town... ”
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Художественная галерея
“Judith's annual Outsiders Outside art show attracts people from all over the country. ”
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