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Памятник / достопримечательность
“Его возраст просто не реально осмыслить. Находясь внутри постоянно задаешься вопросами как люди в то время смогли такое построить и сколько всего поведал Пантеон за свою почти двухтысячелетнюю историю”
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Историческое место
“Когда стоишь рядом с этим великолепием, захватывает дух. Когда тебе рассказывают об этом "чуде" такое ощущение, что ты прямо сейчас переместился в те времена и проживаешь вместе с историей все моменты”
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“This cylindrical fortress was built by Roman emperor Hadrian as a mausoleum for himself and his family in the 2nd century AD. Today the structure is a museum that offers a great view onto St. Peter’s Basilica in the distance.”
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“It's the largest of the four papal basilicas of Rome, known throughout the world.”
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Торговый центр
“Campo de' Fiori, is a rectangular square south of Piazza Navona at the border between rione Parione and rione Regola. Night Life is there !!! ”
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Торговый центр
“From Piazza del Popolo you can reach Spanish steps, Trevi fountain and many mote turistics sites.”
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Историческое место
“Проходя по территории Римского форума, окунаешься в атмосферу Древнего мира. Даже руины производят сильное впечатление. Можно только догадываться, насколько грандиозной была центральная часть Рима.”
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Торговый центр
“In this market you can find the best vegetables and fruit. It is also very picturesque. It is open from 8.00am until 4.30pm ”
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“No Catholic church can be honoured with the title of "basilica" unless by apostolic grant or from immemorial custom.[19] St. Mary Major is one of the only four that hold the title of "major basilica". Under the high altar of the basilica is the Crypt of the Nativity or Bethlehem Crypt, with a crystal reliquary designed by Giuseppe Valadier said to contain wood from the Holy Crib of the nativity of Jesus Christ”
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Торговый центр
“The heart and the symbol of the spiritual power of the Church. A place of evocative spatial geometries.”
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“The absolute highlight of the route through the Vatican museums is a visit to the Sistine Chapel (Capella Sistina). The name is derived from the founder of the chapel, pope Sixtus IV. The impressive ceiling of this 15th-century Sistine Chapel was painted in the 16th century by Michelangelo. It portrays the story of creation, the great flood and other scenes. The side walls are equally beautiful with paintings of the life of Jesus made by Ghirlandaio, Botticelli, Perugino, Pinturicchio and others. The wall behind the alter shows Michelangelo's painting of the ‘Last Judgement’. The Sistine Chapel is mostly known for being the space where the cardinals meet for conclave when electing a new pope. When a new pope is being elected, smoke comes from the chapel's chimney twice a day. White smoke means a new pope has been elected, while black smoke means the cardinals were not yet successful in their mission. ”
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Историческое место
“Вилла дЭсте это прообраз усадьбы Во-ле-Виконт, с которой, в свою очередь, копировали Версаль, Петродворец, а также многие аналогичные дворцы по всему миру. ”
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“The church’s exterior is notable for the stunning golden mosaics on its facade and for its bell tower, which dates from the twelfth century. Once inside, the building is divided into three naves by a score of columns from the Baths of Caracalla. Despite the beautiful altarpieces and other decorative elements that fill the church, visitors’ eyes fixate particularly on the golden mosaic located in the apse. To the left of the High Altar you can visit the Baroque-style Chapel of Altemps, which holds the Madonna della Clemenza, a life-size image of the Virgin.”
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“The oldest shopping street in Rome. There are all the big brands. Enchanting walk in the noble Rome.”
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Историческое место
“Circo massimo Ancient Roman stadium for chariot races. Today a park where you can relax on the grass and imagine the sound of horses' hooves vibrating on the ground. It keeps the ancient form intact if viewed from a distance.”
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Памятник / достопримечательность
“The "Pincio" is inside "Villa Borghese", one of the most important parks of Roma. You can relax inside the gardens, watch Roma from here and reach the museum Galleria Borghese which is inside this park”
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