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Natural Feature
“A short distance by taxi or tour van you will find the Tijuca Forest which is part of a larger national park. The Tijuca is all than remains in the Rio area of the "Mata Atlantica" (Atlantic coastal rain forest).”
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“Principal praia da cidade, uma orla gigante. Nessa praia a areia é super fina, temos o canto do Forte, onde fica o Forte São Mateus, construído pelos Portugueses para proteção da cidade. (Cabo Frio é a 7ª cidade mais antiga do Brasil).”
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Outdoor Sculpture
“This is one of the main touristic attractions in the neighborhood, you've got to check this out! ”
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“(40mn by car from home), surrounded by rain forest, no construction, good surf spots”
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“Art deco Bakery and restaurant located in Downtown area, in a beautiful and classic building.”
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Торговый центр
“New shopping mall close to the olympic venues with a lot of restaurants and cinemas.”
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“You can't miss the amazing sunsets behind the mountains 2 Irmãos from Pedra do Arpoador (where they used to harp whales in the XVII, XVIII centuries).”
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“Em um dos maiores parques urbanos do mundo, projetado por Burle Max, voce vai encontrar pessoas se exercitando, lendo, crianças brincando, com a praia do Flamengo logo em frente (imprópria para banho). Nao recomendável ir a noite. \ In one of the largest urban parks in the world, designed by Burle Max, you will find people exercising, reading, children playing, with Flamengo beach just in front (not suitable for swimming). Not recommended to go at night.”
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“It is an Urban mansion, once Brazil's presidential palace. which now houses the Museu da Republica and Theater. The property is a prime example of neoclassical architecture in the Country. It has a beautiful landscape as well. You can visit the museum or only walk thru the gardens. Subway station : Catete leave you across it. ”
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Порт / марина
“🇧🇷 Centro Gastronomico, otimo para petiscar e ver o por do sol. 🇺🇸 Gastronomic center with a long dock, great for appetizers and watching the sunset. ”
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Пешеходная площадь
“Best night life! Classy night clubs, pubs, shopping areas and much more. Don't miss it”
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Популярный бар
“It doesn’t get more carioca than this place. Located in a charming street near the beach, it serves great local food combined with great atmosphere. Definitely recommend!”
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“Local movie theatre in Copacabana playing many of the latest Brazilian and American films. ”
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“Copacabana Beach. Prefer the beaches in Ipanema and Leblon, next posts. Although I recommend you to visit Copacabana once and drink a Brahma Chopp (local Brazilian draught beer - although it is not a draft beer, technically, as it is made in different local unpasteurized procedure) in the sidewalk kiosks, you should prefer the beaches in Ipanema and Leblon. Copacabana is too much touristic, there will be a lot of people interrupting you and trying to sell you all kind of stuffs, and sadly, there may be some opportunistic steelers. Avoid the restaurants in Copacana also, except for the bars in the Rua Bolívar, which usually have good appetizers and cold beers/chopps. ”
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Farmers Market
“Local fresh produce,, fish and meat market to buy your fresh ingredients, but also to enjoy local food. From breakfast to Happy Hour always a great place for a stop before or after the beach. During Carnival many street samba groups meet there.”
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History Museum
“The Museu Imperial de Petrópolis is a museum in the historic center of Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, housed in the former summer palace of Emperor Pedro II (1831–1889), built in 1845. The museum includes the palace itself and a temporary exhibition hall dedicated to contemporary art. It is one of the most-visited museums in the country.”
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