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Лучшие магазины по мнению местных жителей

“Best coffee in Maine. Single-cup brewing is the focus at this choice espresso shop, which uses wood-roasted organic beans. 5 min walk”
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Магазин одежды
“Near museum and Empire... a great store to shop artisan t-shirt gifts, locally made jewelry and look at funky secondhand decor:)”
  • Рекомендуют 23 местных жителя
Универсальный магазин
“A Maine Adventure! Anything you might have forgotten to bring, Reny's has it. Sunscreen, bathing suits, beach towels, hats, gloves & mittens, THERMAL UNDERWEAR! Many name-brand close out lots. Large selection of tacky trinkets but also a very good selection of Maine specialty foods to take back home with you.”
  • Рекомендуют 16 местных жителей
“Cozy nook with a few counter stools & booths is a local mainstay for its homey American breakfasts.”
  • Рекомендуют 13 местных жителей
Book Store
“I selected YES BOOKS to head up my local tour of bookstores, because it is just the most wonderful place to mess around in... books stacked all over, rare and out of print, everywhere. It is located across the street from the Portland Museum of Art. There is also CASABLANCA COMICS ; THE GREEN HAND BOOKSHOP; The CARLSON & TURNER ANTIQUARIAN, I have never been to, but I will ... We do have a few independent bookstores, selling contemporary books and magazines. My favorite is LONGFELLOW BOOKS, a staple on Monument Square, and the newcomer to Portland, PRINT, a calm space I took a liking to right away...”
  • Рекомендуют 5 местных жителей
“A cool sock for every kind of person in the world. The perfect gift for yourself or anyone”
  • Рекомендуют 5 местных жителей
“Strange Maine is, well, a strange place. It is full of old records, oddities and an impressive selection of old video games. Visiting Strange Maine provides an insight into Portland's crazy, often hidden id. ”
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Магазин одежды
“Moody Lords offers a great selection of old records and consignment clothing.”
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Художественная галерея