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Художественная галерея
“The National Museum of Contemporary Art, or 'EMST,' is a work of art itself, housed in an old beer brewery and remodeled as a prime example of post-war Greek modernism. Meander through temporary and permanent exhibitions and take in the setting to feel the pulse of contemporary Greek culture. The museum often hosts international artists and exhibitions as well.”
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History Museum
“The most modern museum of Athens with remarkable ancient findings , critical for Greece's culture.”
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“Next to Acropolis, low profile beautiful neighbourhood for cool drinks and brunch.”
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“On the hill of Philopappou you will enjoy the best view of the Acropolis. Very nice place for an evening stroll !”
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Историческое место
“It's an historical and cultural site you can't miss. It's a universal and timeless symbol of the classical Greek spirit and civilisation. ”
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Греческий ресторан
“If you are looking for something a little more upscale to treat your significant other on a romantic date, be sure to book a table at 'Mani Mani' restaurant. This establishment was featured in the New York Times, and for good reason, as it has been rated 5* by over 1,300 satisfied customers. Serving traditional Greek food with a modern twist and using fresh ingredients mainly from the region of Mani in the Southern Peloponnese, this cozy kitchen is a great choice for good Greek food. Just keep in mind that on Sundays, they are open until 18:00.”
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Историческое место
“Philopappos Hill is situated north-west of the Acropolis. The hill was named after Philopappos, a Roman consul who loved Athens and grandson of Syrian king Antiochus IV Epiphanes. The actual mausoleum of Philopappos was discovered during excavations by archaeologist Konstantinos Travlos. Only one wall of the Mausoleum remains today, showing relief scenes from Philopappos’ life and an inscription”
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Natural Feature
“Pnyka is the location - area where the Church of the Municipality was convened, ie the Assembly of the Athenians, in Ancient Athens, from the 6th century to the end of the 4th century BC. It is located in the middle of the Acropolis and the Muses or Philopappou Hill From the ancient footsteps of this sacred space were spoken by great politicians, generals and orators such as Themistocles, Aristides, Pericles, Demosthenes, Aischinis, but also in modern times Theodoros Kolokotronis”
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“Are you tired of city life and want to escape to an island for a night? No need to go further than the Tiki Bar in Koukaki. This spot oozes tropical vibes that make you forget that you are in the heart of one of Europe’s busiest capitals. The business’s eco-friendly philosophy is reflected in their delicious cocktails which are very often seasoned with organic spices, bitters and herbs. The team at Tiki bar make a conscious effort to revise their cocktail list every few months to ensure that customers have something to keep coming back for!”
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“Taki’s bakery, has anything you can imagine in bakery, a great place to take away your breakfast, 5 Euros per person, also offers coffee and fresh juices ”
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“It is a tiny, sophisticated, vintage cafe-bistrot. It reflects a homey atmosphere and brings back nostalgic feelings. Vey good espresso.”
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Кафе с сувлаки
“A lovely place to taste the traditional "greek souvlaki" very close to the appartment”
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“start your day with a light jogging in this beautiful park full of trees and walks for pedestrians.Gharge your batteries for a long day in Athens.Bonus:only a 100m from the place”
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“Boho style all day bar/restaurant, where you can drink your coffee in the morning, have brunch at noon, have a sandwich or a beef burger in the afternoon and just relax. You can enjoy drinks with friends in the evening too. Extra tip: the chicken burrito. It is just great!”
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Кафе с сэндвичами
“Yummy Sandwich shop! With many types of bread and a selection of fresh fillers this sandwich tastes like heaven. Get there early!”
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“Simply a great jazz club. World class musicians. Staff are very friendly and really into the music. Audience was super, times a bit talkative, but totally into the music. Highly recommend if you like great live music in a classic club environment.”
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