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“Los Guachimontones is a prehispanic archaeological site near the Mexican town of Teuchitlán in the state of Jalisco about an hour west of Guadalajara.”
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Memorial Site
“If you want something familia, and a nice walk on the Malecon, going to this Starbucks has just that. There are also drinks in Mexico (like a Coconut Latte) that you won't find in other countries.”
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Place to eat
“I have never been to La Leche but I've heard enough good things to include it on this list. It's a high-end, gourmet restaurant. If you like that type of food you'll probably like La Leche.”
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“Walk to breakfast. Only open 8-2 Fabulous menu. Be prepared to wait a bit for a table ”
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Night Club
“The “in house” Bar Oceano serves breakfast every day till 12 noon, awesome egg dishes for very little money and the Margaritas at Bar Oceano, really sell for less than $1, freshly made and very tasty! ”
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“Vallarta Adventures is an excellent excursion for the money. We did the extreme adventure that was 6 hours long and actually rated one of the TOP Adventures in the country.”
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Живописное место
“It's a must do activity in Puerto Vallarta! Hike the steps up the mountain to “Mirador de la Cruz” A large cross and terrace sit atop the mountain, providing a panoramic view of the Bay of Banderas. This is one of the classic Puerto Vallarta and its right in Casa Bella Vista's neighbourhood! ”
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“Walk along the Cuale River through the linear art market. You will see iguanas in the trees, Huichol crafts and hanging bridges. At the end of the trek you will arrive at the Cuale River Island where you can take a picture of the emblematic stairs with wonderful views.”
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“This is a must see if you enjoy nature. This is a protected area where many boats come in to snorkle. The water is clear and is teaming with fish.”
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“Another Option besides Walmart in a cheaper scale just at the entrance of Valle Dorado where you can scape a bit if you feel like eating Mexican food and something more affordable that you will not find in Nuevo Vallarta.”
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Ресторан морепродуктов
“Ocho tostadas is the best place to go for Shrimp cocktails! If you like them, this is a must stop! Opens 11am to 6pm. ”
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“oldest church of vallarta, amazing architecture and icon of PV town. If you are planning to visit remember you cant get in on swimsuit or light clothes”
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Place to shop
“Great prices, the best freshly prepared pastries in town, and everything you'll need under one roof...Air conditioning included :)”
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Пивной сад
“The best beach bar in Puerto Vallarta. You may arrive earlier to grab a bite or you can visit it late in the night to enjoy a cold beer.”
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Ресторан морепродуктов
“Amazing seafood and terrific cocktails at ridiculous prices. Great view of the local beach and bay. Wonderful service by family run place.”
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