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Чем заняться в г. Найроби

Взгляните на город глазами местных жителей. Обитатели города подскажут вам, чем заняться, где поесть, и дадут другие бесценные советы.

“Get to see the wild animals, like lions, elephants, buffalo's and other wild animals”
Рекомендуют 89 местных жителей
“This is the closest mall. It has a supermarket, grocery store, coffee shops, bookstores, coffee shops, clothing stores, shoe stores, a uniform store, and lots of eating spots. Yaya Centre also has a swimming pool.”
Рекомендуют 69 местных жителей
Парк скульптур
“Kenya’s wonderful National Museum, housed in an imposing building amid lush, leafy grounds just outside the centre, has a good range of cultural and natural-history exhibits.”
Рекомендуют 58 местных жителей
“Great place to see and interact with Twiga (giraffes). You get to feed these tall, gentle giants with the most beautiful eyes you will ever see.”
Рекомендуют 75 местных жителей
Торговый центр
“Two Rivers Mall is especially the mall to visit because it has a Theme Park ”
Рекомендуют 40 местных жителей
“This is the only indigenious Forest in the city. Nature at your doorstep for quiet walks, morning jogs, bike riding or just coffee at their new restaurant!”
Рекомендуют 76 местных жителей
Африканский ресторан
“Love it or hate it, Carnivore serves up Kenya's most famous nyama choma (barbecued meat) – it's been an icon for tourists, expats and wealthier locals for over 25 years. At the entrance is a huge barbecue pit laden with real swords of beef, pork, lamb, chicken and farmed game meats such as crocodile and ostrich. It's a memorable night out.”
Рекомендует 51 местный житель
“Welcome to Kenya’s most accessible yet incongruous safari experience. Set on the city’s southern outskirts, Nairobi National Park (at 117 sq km, one of Africa’s smallest) has abundant wildlife that can, in places, be viewed against a backdrop of city skyscrapers and planes - this is 15 minutes away from Robin Heights Bed and Breakfast. ”
Рекомендуют 55 местных жителей
Торговый центр
“Try out the Art Cafe, KFC, Java, Meditarrano and Subway for all your food needs. Carrefour and Mr. Price home for your shopping needs and all . Right next to the mall is a Chicken Inn drive through too. Enjoy.”
Рекомендуют 45 местных жителей
“Best out of the best new clubs in Westlands Nairobi is this quintessential gateway from the buzzing about of the city with a wonderful mixed cuisine and refreshment menu meant to excite all your five senses. Offering remarkable open air and indoor seating alternatives, a huge games bar where you can make up for lost time with all the most recent brandishing occasions, a restrictive VIP segment, charging mark mixed drinks, and exciting theme evenings, this club is definitely unparalleled.”
Рекомендуют 38 местных жителей
“ Guests can feast on delectable bites and sip specialty crafted premium brews and cocktails”
Рекомендуют 46 местных жителей
Торговый центр
“The Hub has many restaurants and cafes that serve a wide variety of local and international cuisine. It is a huge shopping mall with many stores, and entertainment arcades. There is something for every age here”
Рекомендует 41 местный житель
“Urban shopping and dining experience. Fancy bowling.....you should visit this place”
Рекомендуют 30 местных жителей
Пивной сад
“This joint is also located in Westlands, situated right next to Unga House. Albeit not having been in existence for a long time, The Alchemist is growing to become a favourite entertainment joint for a huge number of Nairobi residents attracting lots of revellers with every passing weekend. What makes this popular club tick is generally the atmosphere.”
Рекомендуют 28 местных жителей
Торговый центр
“You can get essentials, groceries, pharmacy, hair salon and barber shop, clothing stores, cash points, hospital, jewellery shop, fast food and food court with various dishes, coffee shops, planet yoghurt, bookstore, phone and calling card purchase centre (mpesa services), H&C of London, forex bureau, organic store, game arcade for adults and children, car service centre and car wash , liquor store, brew bistro”
Рекомендуют 29 местных жителей
Торговый центр
“Very near, just across the road from Syo place. Various restaurants like Java, Urban Gourmet Burger..etc”
Рекомендуют 25 местных жителей