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Чем заняться в г. Маунтин-Вью

Взгляните на город глазами местных жителей. Обитатели города подскажут вам, чем заняться, где поесть, и дадут другие бесценные советы.

Другие интересные места на свежем воздухе
“This is where one of the most famous corporate headquarters: Google and its parent company Alphabet Inc. is at. It is located at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway in Mountain View, California, United States. The original complex, with 2,000,000 square feet (190,000 m2) of office space, is the company's second largest square footage assemblage of Google buildings, after Google's 111 Eighth Avenue building in New York City, which the company bought in 2010. "Googleplex" is a portmanteau of Google and complex (meaning a complex of buildings) and a reference to googolplex, the name given to the large number 10(10100), or 10googol.”
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Science Museum
“A lot of building stones to Silicon Valley, people, and places relevant to this place”
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“More on the recreational side because of their venue mostly for concerts. 4th of July with the Symphony is something everyone should see. Under the stars on a blanket, enjoying a lil picnic and fireworks to the sound of some incredible sounds”
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“Excellent Tapas menu. Gets busy at lunchtime and for dinner. Indoor and outdoor seating.”
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Point of Interest
“NASA is so close by - check it out! (We've had NASA employees stay at our Airbnb - including one from London that said it was the best Airbnb experience he's ever had.)”
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Концертный зал
“Go to the famous Mountain View downtown and enjoy plenty of restaurant, bars and more. If you don't drive, you can walk to the Lightrail station (Whisman Station) and take a short ride (2 stops) to downtown Mountain View. ”
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“All the engineers go there to study/work for hours. There is also an upstairs section. This is off Castro Street. ”
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“Very popular sushi restaurant downtown. Always a line so arrive early as they don't take reservations. There is also a small sushi bar inside with open seating.”
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Пивной сад
“Bustling bar restaurant. Many beers on tap and they have outdoor seating. Better than pub food. The steak is really good and garlic mash potatoes delicious. Can get crowded because it's popular!”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“Safeway Supermarket is about a mile or so away for necessities, snacks. There is also a 711 Convenience store that is 2 blocks from the Unit on Whisman Drive.”
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“Great steakhouse! I heard Steve Jobs loved it, too. Blackened ribeye steak, grilled artichoke, and kale salad are my must-have menu items. I heard from a friend once saw President Bill Clinton having a late dinner there during the time his daughter was attending Stanford University.”
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Light Rail Station
“This is the VTA light rail - some people take it to San Jose downtown or Levi Stadium. It is just a bit slow. ”
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Farmers Market
“Just love to see the fresh produce and the cute handicrafts people sell. I would like to get a wagon to haul groceries from there...but I'm working on getting to that stage. My neighbors tell me the hand wrapped dumplings that are sold there are "da bomb." It's open only Sunday mornings, weather permitting.”
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“Excellent trails for walking, biking or running. Paddle boats and canoes for rental, too. Also a great place to see / observe birds if you are bird lover. ”
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“The Irish are welcomed everywhere in the world and are welcoming people. There is a nice outdoor patio in the back. It gets very busy after 10:00pm on Friday/Saturday. ”
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Концертный зал
“We saw Prince of Egypt here once...it was fantastic...wish I had more time to catch shows! ”
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