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Чем заняться в г. Metropolitan City of Milan

Взгляните на город глазами местных жителей. Обитатели города подскажут вам, чем заняться, где поесть, и дадут другие бесценные советы.

“Don't miss it, at day or night, always amazing. If you have time, go on the rooftop.”
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“Beautiful place to relax and for a pic nic!! Be prepared , take some food nd wine with you ;)”
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“В этом парке живут десятки котов! Вокруг парка ров и туда из года в год приблудились коты. Сами туда пришли, а правительство их решило оставить и охранять, что-то вроде приюта под открытым небом.”
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Художественная галерея
“The Pinacoteca di Brera is a national gallery of ancient and modern art, located in the homonymous palace, one of the largest in Milan with over 24000 square meters.”
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“Great park near by to go running. It's an older historical park where as The Library of Trees is new and clean like a golf course. There are water fountains and on the weekends, there is a super clean and free "Toilet Bus."”
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“In the elegant district of Brera, in the heart of the historic center, there is the eponymous Pinacoteca, in which Italian works of art from different centuries are exhibited, and the fifteenth-century frescoed Church of Santa Maria del Carmine. Grocery stores and luxury boutiques dot the streets and, in the evening, the cobblestone streets come alive thanks to the trendy bars, elegant bars with dehors and luxury restaurants.”
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“the coolest street of milano for shopping , you can find a lot of intersting things over there.”
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Историческое место
“The Colonne di San Lorenzo or Columns of San Lorenzo is a group of ancient Roman ruins, located in front of the Basilica of San Lorenzo. In the evening is an hangout, and you can find a lot of pubs an restaurants.”
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“Renaissance church with a refined Gothic interior that houses the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci.”
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Художественная галерея
“overlooking Duomo, a wonderful art collection on three floors with a restaurant”
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“Corso como is well known for its multitude of restaurants, bars and clubs. A "must" for aperitivo in Milan. Just ask me for directions. I am always happy to help!”
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Магазин деликатесов
“The largest Italian food and wine grocery store in the world, where you can buy, eat and study high-quality of food and drink.”
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Science Museum
“Museum with scale models of Leonardo Museum of science in an ancient monastery with scale models of airplanes and submarines by Leonardo da Vinci.”
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Итальянский ресторан
“Trendy place, basically just a canal where people sit with their drinks and look at the water. There are swans.”
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“A sparkling collection of artwork is displayed inside, but the exterior of the former royal palace is as much of a masterpiece as any of the exhibits, which include contemporary and traditional themes.”
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Художественная галерея
“One of the best, most creative and innovative museus of contemporary art in the city, you don't want to miss it!”
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