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“A 5-minute walk from the Studio, it’s the third-largest public park in Rome – covering over 80 hectares of land. Inside the park, you can find one of Rome’s very best art galleries, with masterpieces from famed artists such as Caravaggio, Bernini, Raphael, and Titian. Another attraction I advise to visit inside the park is the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, which is the National Gallery of Modern Art. You can also find the Bioparco di Roma, a cageless Zoo located in the north-east area of the park. ”
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Художественная галерея
“архитектура, антураж, предметы искусства, и даже вид, открывающийся с купола и крыши собора, невероятно величественны. Очень много туристов в любое время года, но все прекрасно организовано. ”
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Памятник / достопримечательность
“Его возраст просто не реально осмыслить. Находясь внутри постоянно задаешься вопросами как люди в то время смогли такое построить и сколько всего поведал Пантеон за свою почти двухтысячелетнюю историю”
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Историческое место
“Когда стоишь рядом с этим великолепием, захватывает дух. Когда тебе рассказывают об этом "чуде" такое ощущение, что ты прямо сейчас переместился в те времена и проживаешь вместе с историей все моменты”
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“Admire the beauty of this place and take children for a walk on Epiphany day. They'll love carousels and candies! ”
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“It's an important monument and it's often surrounded by stalls and musicians which make this place a vibrant gathering point”
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“Обязательно посетите это место, если побываете в Риме. Очень красивая скульптурная группа, чистая голубая вода, вечером фонтан подсвечивается. По традиции бросить 5 монет, чтобы вернуться в Рим ”
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“Enjoy the real Roman atmosphere as well as the best trattorias and restaurants in town!”
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“It's the largest of the four papal basilicas of Rome, known throughout the world.”
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Border Crossing
“It is the cathedral church of the Diocese of Rome in the city of Rome and serves as the seat of the Roman Pontiff.”
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“Wide public park where you can enjoy walking and running far away from the city mood. There are some playground as well and a romantic lake. It was the country residence of a ancient roman nobility family, so you can have an idea about their life style.”
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Торговый центр
“Square that takes its name from the Iberian embassy there. It is known above all for the surreal and enchanting beauty of the staircase that dominates its scene, that of Trinità dei Monti. At the center of the square "la barcaccia" the small but enchanting masterpiece of Baroque art by Gianlorenzo Bernini.”
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Торговый центр
“Campo de' Fiori, is a rectangular square south of Piazza Navona at the border between rione Parione and rione Regola. Night Life is there !!! ”
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Торговый центр
“From Piazza del Popolo you can reach Spanish steps, Trevi fountain and many mote turistics sites.”
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“Via del Corso is a main street in the historical centre of Rome. Today, the Corso is a popular place for the "passeggiata", the evening stroll for the populace to be seen and to see others. It is also an important shopping street for tourists and locals alike. Here you can find the big national and international stores, as well as small shops with great bargains. Without a shadow of doubt chic shopping in Rome is traditionally done in the Tridente neighbourhood. The street itself is remarkable for being absolutely straight in an area characterized by narrow meandering alleys and small piazzas. The length of the street is roughly 1.5 kilometres. The Corso runs in a generally north-south direc”
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“After the Vatican Museums, Galleria Borghese has the most famous art collection in the city. The gallery is located inside the Villa Borghese park to hold Cardinal Scipione Borghese’s impressive works of art. Key pieces include sculptures by Canova and Bernini, paintings by Caravaggio and works by Titian.”
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Лучшие рестораны

Магазин деликатесов
“Best food retail store with all Italian excellences. Restaurants are also available within the premises.”
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“-Best tiramisu of Rome , you can find the traditional with coffee or other tastes with pistachio, banana and nutella, nuts and strawberry and cream; - Sunday brunch; - Apertif in the evening from 7.00 p.m”
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“A historic pizzeria where you can taste the classic Roman pizza, very thin and crunchy, as tradition dictates. Try it in the classic versions, from the “margherita” to the “4 cheeses”, up to the richer ones, with mushrooms, artichokes and egg, with seasonal vegetables or with broccoli and sausage. And as an appetizer, bruschetta is a must.”
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“Really great for breakfast, brunch and dinner. Beautiful location with an open space and a large tree. Recommended especially if it’s a sunny day. Necci was attended by Pier Paolo Pasolini.”
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“Drink something at Bar del fico is a must. Bartender's choice is great, nice vibes. Take your drink and go out in the crowd with the locals”
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Итальянский ресторан
“Trendy cocktail bar and restaurant. Restaurant of creative international cuisine with an “industrial” style and a lively climate from breakfast to dinner. Excellent cocktails.”
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Итальянский ресторан
“A popular and very busy restaurant, reservations is recommended. Excellent food. ”
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“One of the best Pizza in Rome! Very wide choice of Pizzas! There is always a queue so get there early (19:00/19:30)!!”
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