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Лучшие магазины в г. Манхэттен

“A must go for both domestic and international travelers. In Lower Manhattan.”
Рекомендуют 565 местных жителей
Магазин деликатесов
“When visiting Flatiron building, this is a place to have some coffee or food :) I would not recommend restaurants inside, just grad some pizza or a sandwich..”
Рекомендуют 353 местных жителя
“Great places to eat and cool cobblestone streets. From here walk north along the Highline or south to the West Village.”
Рекомендуют 124 местных жителя
Thrift / Vintage Store
“Beacons Closet is the BEST one-stop shop to go crazy thrifting. This is their main location (and largest/ in Williamsburg). They also have two smaller locations: in Bushwick - 23 Bogart St and in the city: 10 W 13th St. They also take/ buy clothes for trade if you want to lighten your load. ”
Рекомендуют 163 местных жителя
Универсальный магазин
“This is such a wonderful department store with everything you looking for. Definitely check it out, it's less than 30 sec walk from my apt. :) ”
Рекомендуют 78 местных жителей
Flea Market
“Artist Flea Market with a creative and arty spirit. Jewelry, accessories, vintage clothes. Also two other locations in Manhattan.”
Рекомендуют 126 местных жителей
Thrift / Vintage Store
“Local Vintage Shop with interesting statement pieces to take home with you!”
Рекомендуют 97 местных жителей
“Fancy ground-floor food court housing revered vendors, plus a mix of counter & communal seating.”
Рекомендуют 73 местных жителя
Record Shop
“Live music. Record store by day, music venue by night. They have nightly live music with up and coming artists. ”
Рекомендуют 77 местных жителей
Универсальный магазин
“Upscale department store for apparel, accessories & cosmetics. Most carry furniture & home goods.”
Рекомендуют 46 местных жителей
Jewelry Store
“Find the perfect gift. Local jewelry designers working with conflict free gold and stones. ”
Рекомендуют 84 местных жителя
Универсальный магазин
“Welcome to the promised land, Barney's. Selectively curated featuring distinct designer pieces not found at other department stores. ”
Рекомендуют 35 местных жителей
Универсальный магазин
“In midtown Manhattan. Convenient location while reasonable prices. Great place for travelers to shop. ”
Рекомендуют 240 местных жителей
Thrift / Vintage Store
“My favorite thrift store of all time. A tad costly since for the curation, but what they have is just too good. ”
Рекомендуют 58 местных жителей
Thrift / Vintage Store
“This is bar none, the largest vintage clothing store in Brooklyn. The prices and selection are great!”
Рекомендуют 49 местных жителей
Thrift / Vintage Store
“Huge Thrift Shop. Large variety of clothing. Don't forget to check out their basement floor, there's a section only for Floral "Hawaiian" Shirts!!”
Рекомендуют 42 местных жителя