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Торговый центр
“This centrally located indoor shopping centre is a must for fashion lovers. As well as over 150 shops, this two storey building also houses restaurants, bars and the large Eroski supermarket.”
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“Pedestrian shopping street built in 1891, where the city's most important events are held.”
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Универсальный магазин
“Supermarket and Department store (El Corte Inglés) Here you can buy virtually everything!”
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Историческое место
“One of the best sunset over Malaga, and great food too. A must in Malaga. And one of our preferred places.”
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“This is the closest and most famous beach in Malaga. To walk along the beach in the morning or sunset is a gift of the nature to us. It is absolutly gourgeous to see the sun rising in the morning....also, a great place to eat, in the chiringuitos.”
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“Place to go. You could go for a drink or eating. If you would like to eat better to ask for a reservation few days before your arrival. Price raisonable : 25/30 euros per person. ”
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“Museo Automovilístico - fantástica colección de coches antiguos / Automobile Museum - fantastic collection of antique cars”
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Винный магазин
“The Malaga Museum is located in the city of Malaga. Although the Malaga Museum is one of the 63 state-owned Spanish museums, it is managed at the regional level, in this case by the Regional Council of Andalusia. The inauguration of the Malaga Museum in the Palacio de la Aduana (Customs Palace) is the culmination of an ambitious project that began more than 10 years ago and whose aim was not only to provide the museum with a stable place but especially to consider a renovation concerning the presentation of its collections, fruit of in-depth studies on its funds, with particular emphasis on archaeological pieces. Thanks to its museographic proposals of great interest for all types of public, the Malaga Museum has become a reference at the national level. This modernity in the field of museum management is based on the design of a museum as a space for confluence and collaboration between the main institutions devoted to conservation and research.”
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Ресторан морепродуктов
“Typical restaurant, family place to enjoy a day at the beach and good food, fish, seafood and meat,”
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Торговый центр
“The city celebrates all events, concerts, shows, catwalks, crhistmas lights, new years eve bells, ”
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Испанский ресторан
“Great variety of restaurants and shops. I recommend La Tagliatella and Gorky.”
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Memorial Site
“The most famous street in malaga, a must see, with many shops and restaurants.”
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“I strongly advise you to visit this place, the famous churros, this cafe has a history of about 100 years, they prepare churros exactly as they should be, not sweet, not salty, not oily, but exactly as you need! Three churros per person and a cup of hot chocolate - be sure to order in this authentic place.”
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“GIBALFARO: CHRISTIAN CASTLE, It's a steep hike up there but well worth it for the brilliant views you get across the city in all directions. There's a good military museum and a cafe inside the walls and I would recommend doing the full circuit to enjoy the views. The path to get up there starts next to the entrance to the Alcazaba, it's a good path and it takes about 20 minutes to reach the top - but it's worth the effort with the stunning 360 degree views from the city. Don't forget your camera and water! PRICES: Free Sundays from 14:00 h, Normal: 2.20 €. Visit joint Alcazaba-Gibralfaro: 3.55 € (RECOMMENDABLE). Reduced price: 0.60 € (Residents in Malaga, children from 6 to 16 years, studen”
  • Рекомендуют 42 местных жителя
“The Antigua Casa de Guardia is the oldest wine bar in Malaga. Founded in 1840 by Don Jose Guardia . For wine lovers it is a place that must be visited.”
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Другой объект ночной жизни
“Sounds and the latest technology to produce music. The Museum has childrens activities in the weekends. Guest are encouraged to participate.”
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