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Африканский ресторан
“This is one of the best kept secret restaurants in Cape Town. With its subtle entrance and grand lounge themed space, this place oozes quality and class. The food is as fantastic as the decor and seating options and it comes with a bar and library too so you can enjoy a drink while you wait for your table. They also have live jazz on occasion. But be sure to book. You won't regret it.”
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Французский ресторан
“If you visit Cape Town in winter time and look for a cosy restaurant with some tasty food, this place is ideal. ”
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“Wellness Warehouse is South Africa's leading health and wellbeing retailer. Natural Health supplements, Organic and Real foods, Beauty, Fitness etc. Open till 7pm weekdays, 4pm on weekends.”
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“Best burgers in town with a great vibe. Also great for cocktails and enjoying a night out with friends”
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Thrift / Vintage Store
“Tiger’s Milk is the best destination for ‘dude food’, made good. Epitomising handcrafted goodness with a menu that takes pizza, grills and burgers to the next level, pair these with our locally made Tiger’s Milk Lager and you’re sure to leave satisfied.”
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Индийский ресторан
“Indian Tapas menu from acclaimed Chef Liam Thomlin. Indian food from a next level. If you like Indian food you have to experience this. ”
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“Good all day breakfast, also good for lunch. More a casual place but food is good. Lot's of low carb options.”
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Record Shop
“browse and buy records at a store at the forefront of record collecting in Cape Town (yes, it’s the one from the movie). ”
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Nail Salon
“Closest shopping to our townhouse situated in Kloof Street. Parking garage in Park Rd. There is a Woolworths and superb deli, The Olive Branch deli, as well as small boutiques with great gifts to take home. ”
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Итальянский ресторан
“A mere 5 minute walk from St. Martini Gardens. This is my second sample of their excellent Italian fare. The first time I ordered using Uber Eats and the delivery, presentation and food didn't disappoint”
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“Unframed Ice Cream makes artisan ice cream with vegan options and natural flavors like dark chocolate, strawberry, and pistachio. Kloof Street’s lower reaches have remained fairly static in recent years, but we have some exciting news: a new artisan ice cream store has opened up next door to Molten Toffee. And French-born owner Yann Rey has big dreams to revolutionise artisan ice cream in Cape Town.”
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“It's tiny, sells local art, and you can build your own breakfast and then pop in to the artisanal ice cream shop after for a delicious vegan ice cream after! ”
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Тайский ресторан
“You're not going here because of the decor or location. The food is good. Sushi and Asian dishes that please. ”
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“The best coffee in town – grab a takeaway cup before you start your day of exploring.”
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“Grab a quick cup of good coffee and they do very good take away tea as well!”
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“There are frozen yogurt treats galore at Myog. You can either be super healthy and load up your yogurt with delicious fruit or top it up with sweets & chocolates - it's really good either way!”
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