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Парки и природа в г. Хорватия

“Krka waterfalls are located not so far away from Split and are almost as beautiful as Plitvice lakes. You can also go swimming under the fall while visiting. ”
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“Nature, hiking, fresh air. Spend one day in the mountains away from all trasic and noises, just relax and enjoy hiking and nature. In Paklenica is also Maita peć Cave but in fall, pring and winter it works only on some day on the week. So call the park berore if you would like to visit the Cave”
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“Declared a national park in 1980, this island ecosystem has a story of its own. Rich in marine life, Kornati national park is equipped with 8 hiking tracks leading up viewpoint overlooking the entire park. Rich in animal life, there are over 850 living species in the sea, making it perfect for snorkelling and discovering new depths.”
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Памятник / достопримечательность
“This is a superb spot to peacefully watch the sun go down to the mesmerising tones of Zadar's most popular attraction.”
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“Go hiking, swimming on popular beaches with bars on the south side, or on more secluded stone beaches on the north side, take a walk, go jogging, explore the old churches or simply just enjoy the smell of pine trees and the view of the city.”
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“This beautiful national park consists of 14 islands and is a unique combination of nature and history and home to about 250 different bird species and 700 plant species.”
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Торговый центр
“The Riva started to look the way it does today two centuries ago, when the French, in time of Napoleon ruled these parts through Marshal Marmont. Today this promenade is the cities living room, the most popular and most important public place in Split. In the meantime it has been widened and reconstructed several times, but it was always blessed with the most spectacular set, the south facade of the Diocletian Palace, with the entrance into the Substructures, and later on with the buildings that were built west of the Palace, also the Franciscan monastery with the church of St. Francis, and the Bajamonti Dešković Palace and last but not least the Port Authorities building on the east end. Riva today is a pedestrian heaven, thrusting with Cafés and restaurants, an ideal place for having your morning or afternoon coffee, or for an evening out with friends over drinks. Riva is the stage of the city life of Split, a venue for numerous cultural and entertainment events, boisterous Split carnival, as well as the stage for meeting Split sportsmen after countless successes, such as Goran Ivanišević, Hajduk football club players and Jugoplastika basketball players, Olimpic medal winners... Riva is also a political forum, with decades of political opportunities being depicted through mass rallies. Naturally, Riva is always at its best in time of Sudamja, a celebration dedicated to St. Domnius, the patron saint of Split.”
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Другие интересные места на свежем воздухе
“Cap Kamenjak is a peninsula with a 30km coastline and many different beaches where everyone can find something they like. The coast of the Kamenjak peninsula is incredibly rugged and offers many places to swim, high water jump, etc. Kamenjak is the most intimate corner of the Mediterranean with scenes of environmental exclusivity, untouched nature, encounters with the last habitats of plant and animal species on the planet, idyllic beaches as well as a wild coastline, shade of the pine trees, crystal clear water, perhaps an encounter with the Mediterranean monk seal or a discovery of dinosaur footprints.”
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“Tivoli Park is Ljubljana's largest and most beautiful park, stretching right into the city centre. It was designed in 1813 by the French engineer Jean Blanchard and created by joining together the parks which had surrounded Podturn and Cekin Mansions. The park, covering an area of approximately five square kilometres, is crossed by three grand horse chestnut tree-lined walks and landscaped with ornamental flower beds, interesting trees and numerous statues and fountains. The park area blends into the slopes of the Rožnik hill, to which it is connected by several walking paths and a trim trail with several exercise stations along its length.”
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“UNESCO World Heritage List - 2 h from Rijeka. If you are planning to visit Plitvice, it is strongly recommended purchasing your tickets online because number of tickets is limited. Online tickets can be purchased only in advance, at least 2 days prior your arrival. ”
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“One of the biggest parks in Zagreb. Has four lakes, cafes, restaurant and a zoo. Beautifull place to jog, read, walk, sit, spend the afternoon.”
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“Take the cable car up to Mt Srđ for stunning views of the City, Lokrum and Elafiti Islands.”
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“Postojna Cave is the only place where you can see the most precious brilliant in the form of a cave formation and also meet the baby dragons. ”
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National Park
“The Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park is one of the largest protected areas in Europe . It boasts a wide range of beautiful sights, scenic routes and points of interest. The park is an ideal place to spend time in close contact with nature and to admire hugely diverse, uncontaminated landscapes with a rich flora and varied fauna. There are countless trails that can be visited on foot, by mountain bike, or on horseback in order to completely immerse yourself in nature's calm and beauty. Our personal favourites contain Campo Imperatore and Lago di Campotosto.”
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Порт / марина
“Улица бутиков Новейшая и одна из крупнейших стоянок для яхт в средиземном море”
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National Park
“Красиво, свежо, уютно. Адвенчерс парк - с лазалками по деревьям и полосой препятствий.”
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