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Популярные достопримечательности и неизвестные уголки: узнайте, в чём уникальность города, с помощью местных знатоков.
“Amazing panoramic views of Cap de Creus, great food and a perfect location for hiking!”
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Испанский ресторан
“Один из известнейших ресторанов, но не из дешевых, где бывала Шакира и ее муж Жерар Пеке, Кети Пери и др. Отличные рыбные блюда”
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History Museum
“This house, a surviving example of the traces of the indianos −those who left for Cuba or the West Indies and came back once they had made their fortune− is one of the few remaining ones in Lloret, together with Casa Font or Can Comadran, right in the heart of the old part of the town.”
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“Nice sundown from this beach. Also restaurants in front of the beach. Small port and trampoline on the beach.”
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“Alquiler de coches y bicicletas eléctricos por horas, También servicio de taxi dentro de Cadaqués. Tel 618 883 858 ===> Diego”
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“Visit the center of L'Escala, it's not big but beautiful, try to go on night with Havaneras, the typical songs from fishermans, and also drink a Cremat Rum !!”
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“Lugar divertido y flamenco para todas las edades. Un clásico ya en Tossa de Mar. :)”
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National Park
“ este conjunto de islas situadas a unos 900 metros en frente del pueblo de l'Estartit están protegidas por el Plan de Espacios de Interés Natural y es que guardan una de las reservas de fauna y flora marina más importantes del Mediterráneo . Este archipiélago ofrece cuevas y cavidades de gran belleza donde habitan todo tipo de especies naturales y animales, como corales rojos. Es una zona estrictamente protegida donde se controla toda actividad náutica. Es posible visitar esta zona realizando inmersiones o en barco.”
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“Emblemática cocteleria en Cadaqués. Terraza en la playa. Vale la pena visitarla.”
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“Great for those of you who are a bit more daring. A must! Try a tandem jump or their wind tunnel experience.”
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“If you want to satisfy the need of a gambler and spend time in a beautiful atmosphere, drink a local champagne then you in the casino.”
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Средиземноморский ресторан
Place to eat
“Restaurant with michelin star, an unforgettable experience if your budget is not adjusted.”
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Концертный зал
“Beautiful gardens less than an hour far from Sant Feliu, worth visiting in the spring.”
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“The cinema's museum is a funny place where you can see what the first film shows were like, participate in scientific, cultural and leisure activities and enjoy its ancient collections. Is housed in a building dating from the late nineteenth century, known as the Casa de les Aigües, because it formerly contained the head offices of the city's water company.”
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