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Лучшие парки по мнению местных жителей

Botanical Garden
“The Botanical Gardens it's home to 5,500+ plant species, a botanic library, a museum, assorted monuments and five greenhouses.”
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“A place to relax amid the bustle of the city. The Japanese Gardens are one of the most relaxing places in Buenos Aires. Located beside Tres de Febrero park, the site was inaugurated in 1967 to coincide with a visit by the future emperor of Japan, Akihito, and his wife Michiko. The various elements of the gardens were designed to create balance and harmony. There is a wide variety of plants, a pond with carp (koi), an island with bridges, and sculptures based on Japanese culture. The park also has a cultural center, a Japanese restaurant, a craft shop and a nursery when visitors can buy bonsai trees and other plants.”
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Nature Preserve
“Located in the downtown area, the Ecological Reserve, Costanera Sur draws families, joggers and cyclists during the weekends, is part of the new Puerto Madero urbanization. It's a wonderful place to exercise and enjoy fresh air. ”
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“Located within the Palermo neighbourhood's Parque Tres de Febrero - one of the most popular parks in the city, is this collection of more than 18,000 roses surrounded by a lake and acres of parkland. ”
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“A beautiful group of parks ideal for a day out and to enjoy with the family.”
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Торговый центр
“The main park of Recoleta, perfect to rest while visiting the nearby touristic sites, to enjoy a picnic or discover local crafts at the fair.”
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Торговый центр
“Popular square with people dancing Tango. This is where the 'antique market' of every Sunday takes place in San Telmo.”
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Торговый центр
“Also known as 'Plaza Serrano', this little park is filled with bars and restaurants; the best nightlife in Buenos Aires.”
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“Tranquil and beautiful grounds, the park keeps this corner of San Telmo quiet and the air clean. Great for walks, fitness or meditation. ”
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“Centenario Park is one of the most visited urban park in Buenos Aires. The mile-long perimete is a great jogger's route and a number of important public institutions are open along the park's surroundings, such as the Museum of Natural Sciences and The Friends of Astronomy observatory. There is also a miscellaneous fair on weekends. ”
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Торговый центр
“During the weekends, Plaza Armenia offers a hippie market with handmade objects that may turn into that special souvenir you are looking for someone back home!”
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“Popular for holding an old prision, nowadays on the largest parks in the city.”
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“Do not forget to visit this huge square in the center of the city, with beautiful lakes, and an ideal place to run and practice exercises. full of people at all times and all days of the week. They can also rent boats for walks on the lakes”
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“Is a national historic monument and icon of BA. Located in the Plaza de la República, in Ave Corrientes and 9de Julio, it was built to commemorate the fourth centenary of the 1st fundation of the City”
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“A great park in downtown Buenos Aires. With an amazing architectonic and landscaping design, a great place to contrast the concrete jungle!”
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Nature Preserve
“Excellent animal park with local species, a bir far away, but worth spendng the whole day there”
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