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Administrative Area Level 3
“Great town for a day trip, famous for its special elfin houses (trulli)- quite unique.”
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“The Regional Nature Park of Porto Selvaggio, covers an area of 1100 hectares in the municipality of Nardò and is part of an area by the sea, where reforestation has been started since the 50s. The landscape, which used to be bare and rocky, is nowadays characterised by a thick pine forest, surrounded by the wonderful Ionian Sea. The habitat is mostly covered by forests, but there are also pseudo-steppe paths, the habitats rich with grasses and annual plants and jagged cliff. The visitor has the chance to watch foxes, weasels, hedgehogs, chameleons and, during the bird migration season, also blackbirds, thrushes and hoopoes, beside the lesser kestrels and the kestrels. A few metres away from the coast, it is also possible to visit he Palude del Capitano (Marsh), where there are the “spunnulate”, that is to say caves, the result of karst phenomena, whose vault has collapsed creating small salt-water lakes.”
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“Drive-through animal park with a separate theme park. Enjoyable for people of all ages! ”
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“Have you ever wondered why the soil in Puglia looks so redish? Why do you often find red striped in the stones used to build Puglia's traditional stone buildings? The Grotte di Castellana are beautiful natural caves, among the most important in Italy. You will be taken on a trail inside the caves, no need for hiking experience just non-slippery shoes are recommended. Ideal for children and anyone interested in knowing more about the geology and landscape of the area They can be visited on rainy days, however there will be water inside two days after the rainfalls as water takes time to penetrate down the earth.”
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“Coastal & marine nature reserve with a 16th-century tower & visitor center with a museum.”
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“Torre Guaceto - this is a WWF Natural Reserve; its name comes from the Arab Gawsit meaning “land of fresh water”. Since 1975 it has been declared a wetland of international interest and in 1991 a protected marine area has also been constituted. The reserve covers an area of nearly 22 km2 and 8 Km of coastline spread around the ancient fortified tower and is one of the best-preserved stretches of coast along the Adriatic coast. The nature reserve is a protected area between the coast of Ostuni and that of Brindisi, at Serranova. It is a natural reserve of particular beauty and importance. The area is characterized by the presence of fresh water, which helped the growth of extensive woodlands and varied species of animals. Inside there are several habitats and landscapes, including a marine reserve with rocky and sandy seabeds; a wet and marshy area inhabited by amphibians and birds; sand dunes and long sandy beaches. The wetlands, fed by brackish water ponds, are an important feature of this reserve. Along the coast lie sandy dunes formed by the action of the wind. The place is called after a tower, part of a series of towers existing along the coast. These were built in the 16th Century as a defence system by the Aragonese family. The natural area is divided into three zones that correspond to different types of protection and specific natural features. The most important area, Zone A, has a full protection status. Here hiking is possible but only with previous permission. The other 2 zones have a partial protection status ”
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“This is one of the most beautiful churches in Lecce and is renowned for its amazing architecture and stunning Baroque façade. Created in the 17th century, this church is created from the unique Lecce stone that gives the structure its light cream colouration. The front façade is truly breath-taking and the amount of decoration and artwork is quite astounding. The walls are packed full of intricate sculptures, gorgeous rose windows and interesting stone statues. The interior in contrast is not as opulent but still features some beautiful stonework and religious decoration.”
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“The "Parco Nazionale del Pollino" (Pollino National Park) is the largest protected area which has been recently established in Italy. It involves the Southern Apennines in Calabria and Lucania. It stretches out from the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Ionian Sea, from Cozzo del Pellegrino to Serra Dolcedorme, from Piani di Campolongo, Novacco and Lanzo, to Piani del Pollino, from the rivers Argentino and Abatemarco, to the ravines of Lao and Raganello, to the streams Peschiera and Frido. The territory, large and unpolluted, preserves rare and exceptional endemic species, like the Bosnian Pine (Pino Loricato), the Golden Eagle and the Roe Deer. The natural places, covered with large beech tree woods, snow, formed by dolomitic rocks, morainic deposits, glacial cirques, scattered with gorges and caves, are enriched with paleontological sites, like Grotta del Romito and Valle del Mercure, and archaeological sites dating back to the Greek colonization, with Sanctuaries, Monasteries, Castles, Historical Town Centers like Laino Castello, environments characterized by rural life, popular feasts, ethnic-linguistic minorities of Albanian origin of the 15th-16th century. The whole Park area includes Pollino and Orsomarso massif. It is a mountain chain belonging to the Southern Apennines, at the border between the regions of Basilicata and Calabria, in the heart of the Mediterranean area. Its mountains represent the highest peaks of Southern Italy, covered with snow most of the year, from November to May. From its summits, over 2,200 meters of altitude above sea-level, you can see westwards the Tyrrhenian coasts of Maratea, Praia a Mare, and Belvedere Marittimo, and eastwards the Ionian coast from Sibari to Metaponto. The nature and culture of Pollino, the global frame of its physical and human heritage, which is manifold and complex, wide and differentiated, go from naturalistic, geomorphological, vegetational, botanic, and faunistic values to a unique landscape and historical, archaeological, ethnic, anthropological, cultural, and scientific values. The most "prestigious" and famous area is made of Dolomitic rocks, calcareous ramparts, fault walls of tectonic origins, precipices, very deep gorges, karst caves, the so-called "timpe" or gorges of volcanic origin, swallow holes, plateaus, meadows, high altitude pastures, morainic deposits, glacial cirques, erratic boulders. The park is about 50 Km far from San Nicola Arcella.”
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Ночной клуб
“Discoteca all'aperto a Castro. Molto Bella e ampia la location. Outdoor Discoteque in Castro. Very nice and wide location”
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“Go here to have one of the best views and admire one of the highest bridges in the area! Go down from the stairs and make the trekking tour of the canal.”
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“In the splendid setting of the typical narrow streets and whitewashed houses Riccardo Caffe is the most suggestive lounge bar in Ostuni. It is located in the center of the Old Town not far from the ancient city wall. Don't miss a look inside the three ancient rooms of natural stones used as a mill several centuries ago. One of the best and fashionable place in Puglia where to drink tasty and fresh cocktails”
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“Altra attrazione naturalistica adatta a tutta la famiglia è il parco delle Dune Costiere, dove poter passeggiare nei periodi freddi e fare il bagno in quelli caldi. Another naturalistic attraction suitable for the whole family is the park of the Coastal Dunes, where you can walk in cold periods and bathe in warm ones.”
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Ночной клуб
“Very nice disco club situated in a magnificent setting. the perfect spot for nightlife lovers”
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History Museum
“The National Archaeological Museum of Taranto, the Marta, contains one of the most important archaeological collections in Italy and is located in the former Convent of San Pasquale di Babylon, near the Gardens of Piazza Garibaldi. The rooms of the raised floors are today the realm of archeology, with over two hundred thousand finds and artifacts ranging from Prehistory to the Middle Ages: the visit route follows a chronological order starting from the 5th millennium BC The first contacts of the indigenous Ipanians with the Aegean world precede the Spartan colonization of the Gulf of Taranto, while we admire objects of daily life, linked to the cult and funeral rituals of the Greek city.”
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“Is the heart of Bari, is the soul of the old town and St. Nicholas of Bari, also known as Saint Nicholas of Myra, St. Nicholas of Lorraine, St. Nicholas the Great, St. Niccolò and St. Nicolò (Patara in Lycia, about 270 - Myra, December 6, 343) is venerated as a saint by the Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church and several other Christian denominations. He is well known even outside the Christian world because his figure gave rise to the myth of Santa Claus, the Italian Babbo Natale.”
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“Castel del monte, the iconic octagonal castle reproduced on the 1cent €uro. You must pay a visit if spend one day in Andria. Is located about 20km away form Andria reachable by public local bus or taxi. ”
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Средиземноморский ресторан
“Great typical food, nice location inside of a cave (book in advance and ask to be seated in the cave).”
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Концертный зал
“Area concerti, ogni giorno una proposta diversa. Vedrai i migliori artisti del momento”
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“Authentic Italian food served in a cosy atmosphere. Please note that the restaurant is small so call up in advance to reserve a table. ”
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Итальянский ресторан
“In the heart of the old town of Ceglie Messapica, great food and wines at a good price!”
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Ресторан морепродуктов
“ottimo ristorante con vista mare per mangiare il pesce fresco a buon prezzo”
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“stabilimento balneare con servizio ristorante e cocktail bar. Particolarmente frequentato è il momento dell'aperitivo pre serale con musica dal vivo”
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Ресторан морепродуктов
“Italian cuisine with fantastic sea view, distance 9km from the property. Nice but pricey place.”
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“Da quasi vent’anni il Solatio di Torre Suda è un punto di riferimento per viaggiatori e salentini. Dalla colazione a notte fonda, tra aperitivi gourmet, pranzi o cene di pesce, ricevimenti, serate di musica coi migliori deejay di Puglia, ogni momento è buono per immergersi nella bellezza autentica di questo bistrot a picco sul mare. A pochi metri dal Giardino costiero e dalla Torre, pista ciclabile vista mare, campi da tennis e da calcetto.”
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