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Отдельная комната в жилье типа дом, хозяин: David

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Рабочая зона
Отдельная комната с Wi-Fi, которая хорошо подходит для работы.
Самостоятельное прибытие
Легкое самостоятельное прибытие с помощью кнопочной панели.
Бесплатная отмена в течение 48 часов.


Каждое бронирование включает в себя бесплатную защиту от отмены со стороны хозяина, защиту от несоответствия реальности и других проблем (например, с заселением).
Часть информации переведена автоматически.
CHECK-IN 4PM,CHECK-OUT 10AM.1-2 persons only.NO PET.Near YALE.Discount:10% daily,15%-30% weekly,20%-50% monthly.NO CANCEL/NO REFUND.NO SMOKING.KING bed,SMALL PRIVATE ROOM,1ST FLOOR,share 2 baths & 2 kitchens.Fast WiFi,SmartCableTV, Printer,Copier,Fax,Landphone,Free Kuerig coffee,shampoo,conditioner,body wash,washer & dryer,detergent,softener.24-HR videocams in common areas.Host not living in house.Free Parking 1 car only. SERIOUS WARNING:READ FULL DISCLOSURE in "The Space" below BEFORE BOOKING!


1. YOU HAVE AGREED TO ABIDE BY THIS FULL DISCLOSURE IF YOU BOOK THIS ROOM. The host cannot show you this property before you book. No exemption. Read my reviews instead.

2. CHECK-IN & CHECK-OUT: Check in time is at 4PM and anytime after 4PM with no time limit. Check out time is STRICTLY 10AM.

3. SERIOUS WARNING: If you smoke cigarette, e-cigarette or weed, vape, or do drugs in your room, a detector SMOKE-NICOTINE-DRUG-VAPOR alarm will sound off and I will terminate your stay. You will be evicted by the police and penalized $1,000 thru your Airbnb account.

4. VERY IMPORTANT NEIGHBORHOOD SAFETY AWARENESS: The host believes that his neighborhood is safe. He believes that New Haven as a whole is like any other city in America with challenging societal issues. It is your own look-out to further search and read online how safe is the neighborhood based on the estimate map location of the house shown by Airbnb in the listing. If you experience threats and danger outside my house, or within my neighborhood, you have to call 911 as these things are beyond my control. These will not be reasons for you to cancel your booking and ask for refund. The host will NEVER approve your refund. The host has hosted over 20,000 guests in his Airbnb listings of over 40 rooms in over ten family houses in New Haven and there have been no safety issues inside the house or near the house or within the neighborhood that affected any guests and warranted police intervention .

5. SECURITY CAMERAS: They are installed in the hallway, kitchen, living room, front door, back door, side door, and parking area. There is no SECURITY CAMERA in your room, or in the bathroom. The SECURITY CAMERA is reviewed by the police if there is an incident.

6. ENERGY SAVING MOTION LIGHTS: They are installed in the kitchen, hallway, and living room so you do not need to switch on or off.

7. HOUSE RULES PASTED INSIDE THE HOUSE: Lots of House Rules are pasted inside the house to guide your stay. They serve as instructions to maintain order in the house. For example, in the kitchen sink, there is a house rule pasted which says that “A guest who will leave any unwashed dishes or other kitchen equipment in the sink will be evicted.” On the refrigerator door, there is a pasted house rule which says that “A guest who steals the food of other guests from the refrigerator is evicted.”

8. TRESPASSING. Touching the mailbox or entering the house after check-out without host’s permission is trespassing violation under US Federal & State Trespassing laws with punishment of 2-year jail time and $2,000 fine. The host is very strict on this. The Security Camera is reviewed by the police as evidence.

9. HOUSE CONSIDERATIONS. The house is an ancestral house. Noise is easily transmitted through its thin walls. The floors, stairs, and doors create creaking noise.

10. LOCATION: This house is located near the intersection of Park Street and Edgewood Avenue. Check location online to know its approximate address. The host will not give you the exact address or additional information before you book.

11. THE STORY OF THIS HOUSE: This house was the dorm of Noah Webster, the founder of the Webster Dictionary. Mr Webster graduated Yale in 1778. The Yale Football Team resided in this house. Former First Lady Hillary Clinton once briefly rented this house when she was a law student at Yale. This is 100 human steps to Yale Pierson College, and near Yale Eton Hall. This is a prime location, walking distance to famous bars, grills, and restaurants in New Haven. This area is patrolled 24/7 by Yale Police, and across the street is a Yale Police 24/7 patrol station with a 365 degrees blue video camera. This is the best Airbnb near Yale.

12. PRIVATE ROOM: You book a Private Room in a standard American house, not a commercial building. The room is small, very minimalist, and functionally utilitarian in terms of limited room space. This has no private bathroom. This shares bathroom, kitchen, and living room in the house. Three (3) Private Rooms share 1 full bathroom, and 1 full kitchen. This room is intended to provide comfortable sleep with a spacious King memory foam bed, a smart cable TV, a work desk, fast internet, and closet. No personal furniture or heavy appliances are allowed. You are not allowed to put anything on the walls or re-arrange the room.

13. THE PRIVATE ROOM DOOR LOCKS: The Private Room has an internal chain lock, and a slide lock. The Schlage doorknob has code entry. The doorknob is “unlocked” and can be opened without using the code if the “lever” of the doorknob inside the room is in a “vertical” position. The doorknob is “locked,” and the door can only be opened using the code if the “lever” of the doorknob inside the room is in a “horizontal” position.

14. 2 PERSONS ONLY: Each Private Room only allows 2 persons. Children over 10 years old is considered a Single person. Three or more persons are not allowed anytime in a room.

15. BABY (SPECIAL CASE): If 2 persons has a baby, there is $20 daily additional charge if you request a crib, otherwise, the baby will be free.

16. CHILD (SPECIAL CASE): A 2-person guests can have up to 1 child below 10 years old without fee. A floor mattress will be provided if you have a child over 10 years old with additional $25 daily fee. If you have 2 children, you must book an additional room.

17. NO PETS ALLOWED: The host has pet allergy. Pets are not allowed.

18. PAST GUESTS ACCOMMODATED: This Airbnb Private Room is modeled after the properties of the same host in New Haven who hosted people from all over the world; students and staff of Yale University, and Yale Hospital; University of New Haven; Southern Connecticut University, and other academic and medical institutions in the area; professors, researchers, interns, registered nurses, first responders, medical doctors, post-doctoral fellows; including short-term employees of big and small companies assigned in the area like Amazon, Verizon, UI, SCG, US Armed Forces, etc.

19. HOW TO CHECK-IN: To check-in, you must click “TRIPS” in your Airbnb account on the day of check-in and then click “HOW TO GET IN.” Read the Check-in guide for the EXACT ADDRESS, DOOR CODES, and STRICT PARKING INSTRUCTION that will appear in your Airbnb “TRIPS” and “HOW TO GET IN” guide. Parking is free for only 1 car.

20. HOW TO CHECK-OUT: To check-out, close the door and leave. Do not clean your room. Anything left inside the room after check-out time will be placed in our storage up till 5pm same day, and after 5pm the host will dispose of them without compensating you.

21. EVICTION BY THE 911 POLICE: The host will bring the 911 police to evict you if you are still present in the house after check-out time. Guests will be evicted if they violate the safety, security, health standards, peace and order, and house rules.

22. NO IN-HOUSE GUESTS PERMITTED. Entering other Private Rooms is not allowed. You are not allowed to let other persons from other Private Rooms in the house to enter your room. Transact your business outside your room.

23. RECEIVING MAILS AND PACKAGES: You are allowed to use the address to receive mails and packages. The host is not responsible for your lost mails and packages. After you check-out, your mails will be returned to the US Post Office.

24. DROP-OFF: Free early drop-off of luggage before check-in is allowed. You can drop off your things in our DROP OFF storage after check-out up to 5PM. If you fail to retrieve after 5PM, the host disposes them without compensating you.

25. PARKING WARNING: Only 1 vehicle is allowed for 1 free parking space. Additional vehicle means $25 per day fee. You must put the Parking Permit on your dashboard immediately after parking to avoid being towed and fined over $250. You must snap a picture of your car plate and message it to the host through the Airbnb platform after you park. Follow the “Check-in Instructions” and "Parking Instructions" in your Airbnb “TRIPS” on the day of your check-in.

26. EXTENDED PARKING FEE: You need to remove your car from the parking space on the time of check-out. To extend parking, you pay $25 per day.

27. THE HOST. The host is a retired US Army Iraq war veteran, working before as a US Army healthcare provider in the US Army medical facility in Mosul, Iraq. He is a former Registered Nurse with a doctorate in nursing, and a non-practicing medical doctor. He was an erstwhile healthcare provider to world’s top 10 hospitals ranked by US News & World Report. The host has brought “CARE to the Hospital Industry.” Now, he left the hospital to be a proud Airbnb host to bring “CARE to the Hospitality Industry.” He is a hands-on host. He does not live in this house. He and his staff will check the house from time to time to make sure the house remains clean, orderly, peaceful, safe, secured, homely, and well-maintained. The host believes that his hosting is not perfect. But you can have a better experience and provide the same improved experience to future guests by communicating directly to the host and share your real-time experiences in his Private House. The host is a single person, not a company like Hilton or Marriott hotel. You can call him 24/7, day or dawn as he seeks to provide you his utmost personalized care, and individualized service during your stay.

28. COMPETITIVE PRICE: This Private Room is the most affordable and most complete Airbnb in New Haven. You can compare the amenities and prices with other listings.

29. PICTURES ACCURACY: Pictures about the listing may change without notice due to continuous improvements of this property. The host tries his best to post accurate pictures based on the actual property. Contact the host if you see inconsistencies in the pictures.

30. DISCOUNT RULES: Airbnb may apply discounts before you pay and randomly adjusts the discounts based on the length of your stay within these ranges: discounts of 10% daily, 20% to 30% weekly, 40% to 50% monthly. Discounts may be discontinued without prior notice.

31. CANCELLATION & REFUND: Call Airbnb if you want to cancel. Your booking is under the AIRBNB STRICT CANCELLATION POLICY. You can cancel your booking and be refunded by Airbnb a portion of your payment if (1) You cancel at least 7 days or more away from your check-in day, AND (2) You cancel 48 hours after your booking is paid and confirmed, AND (3) You did not choose the 10% discounted non-refundable booking. You cannot reduce the days of your reservation after 48 hours of booking.

32. YOU CANNOT CANCEL IF THE HOST CAN CORRECT THE SITUATION. You have agreed that you are not allowed to cancel your booking if you encounter any inconvenience which the host can correct. If you decide to cancel without allowing the host to correct, you will not be refunded. Please do not book this room if you do not agree to this house rule.

33. REFUND AMOUNT: If you are eligible for refund, Airbnb automatically determines and returns the refund back to your payment method.

34. EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES: Airbnb only allows cancellation and refund under the "Airbnb Extenuating Circumstances." Please read the "Airbnb Extenuating Circumstances" from the Airbnb website for eligible refunds.

35. SHORT-TERM & LONG-TERM BOOKING: Call Airbnb if you want to book for more than a month. Airbnb allows monthly payments. Host will not make a deal with any guest outside Airbnb. You can only book and pay thru Airbnb.

36. CLEANING FEE & ROOM SERVICE: You only pay one time cleaning fee of $30 for your entire stay. The host provides 2 bath towels, and 2 face towels. If you book for long-term, bring your own towels to cover your long-term stay. Host does not provide daily room cleaning service.

37. LONG TERM STAY BEDDING CHANGE: Bedding change and room cleaning are provided for long-term stays for over 30 days. You MUST REQUEST bedding change and room cleaning every 15th day of your stay. If you fail to request on your schedule, your bedding change and room cleaning are forfeited. If you request beddings change outside schedule, you will be charged $30. You are not allowed to wash your beddings, and comforter in our washing machine.

38. KITCHEN, AND BATHROOM CLEANLINESS. Clean the bathroom after you use. If it is dirty, call the host. Clean the kitchen after use. Wash and dry the kitchen sink, kitchen countertop, pots, pans, plates, stove, oven, and other kitchen equipment after you use and put them back to their places. The host will penalize and evict you if you will not wash any kitchen equipment or utensils that you use. The video camera will have a record of anyone leaving their unwashed items.

39. MARK YOUR FOOD IN THE REFRIGERATOR. You share the refrigerator with other guests. You are required to put a sticker dot with your room number on every food you place in the refrigerator. The dot markings are provided. Food with no dots is thrown every day.

40. IF YOU STEAL FOOD OF OTHER GUESTS FROM THE REFRIGERATOR, YOU WILL BE EVICTED: The video camera records who puts in and who gets food out from the refrigerator. You will be EVICTED immediately if you wrongly get other food or steal other food in the refrigerator.

41. RODENTS, PESTS, & WILD ANIMALS. This Airbnb accommodation is a Private House. So, this house could be affected by rodents, pests, and other uninvited animals. This house is managed, maintained, and exterminated monthly by one of the largest and best pest exterminators in America. So, this house is free of rodents, pests, & wild animals. However, due to proximity to East Rock Forest, the natural bodies of water in New Haven, hospitals, restaurants, and commercial establishments in the city; mice, rats, other pests, and wild animals might be found outside, or inside the house in rare and isolated situations. Call the host immediately when this happens. You cannot cancel your booking if you see a rodent, pest, or any uninvited animal in the property. It is beyond the host if in isolated case this happens. The host can call his paid pest exterminator.

42. 5-STAR FEEDBACK: During your stay, call the host instantly to resolve any discomfort so the host will earn your 5-star feedback. If you give a 4-star or below, this Private Room will be punished and will not appear for a week in any search. Share your experience to the host to improve your stay. In this way, you provide a better place to future guests and see the improvements when you come back.

43. QUIET TIME: All guests must observe quiet time as pasted on the wall. You can come in and out the house anytime; quietly and silently.

44. UNLIMITED KEURIG COFFEE & OTHER ESSENTIALS: Unlimited KEURIG coffee for guests is in the shared kitchen. Each Private Room has 2 bath towels & 2 face towels provided one time, iron & ironing board, hair blower, hangers, baseboard heaters, and AC in summer. Free body wash, shampoo and conditioner are in the shared bathroom. If you need something not listed, you have to buy them and the host will not re-imburse you.

45. THE 1ST FLOOR: The 1st floor Door “A” has Private Rooms 1, and 2. It has a full kitchen, full bathroom, land phone, and printer- scanner- fax. It has living room, dining room, large refrigerator, gas range with 4 gas burners & oven, microwave, free Keurig coffee maker & coffee pods. Access is thru the house front door. The 1st floor Door “B” is located at the Left Side of the house. It has Private Room 9. It has a full kitchen, full bathroom, land phone. It has living room, dining room, large refrigerator, gas range with 4 gas burners & oven, microwave, free Keurig coffee maker & coffee pods.

46. THE 2ND FLOOR: The 2nd floor Door “A” has 14-step stair. It has Private Rooms 3,4 and 5. It has full bathroom and kitchen. It has a gas range with 4 burners, oven, and microwave. It is living room is on the 1st floor. Access is thru the house front Door “A.” The 2nd floor Door “B” has 14-step stair. It has Private Rooms 6,7, and 8. It has full bathroom and kitchen. It has a gas range with 4 burners, oven, and microwave. It is living room is on the 1st floor. Access is thru the house Left Side Door “B.”

47. NOISE & LIGHTS: Do not make noise in your room. Room walls are thin. Noise is easily transmitted. Noise may come from vehicles and passers-by in the front street. Bring your own ear plugs. The window blinds may reflect outside lights. Bring your own eye sleeping covers. But the host has several Airbnb houses in New Haven in similar residential and near-street location.

48. WASHER & DRYER: Use of free washer & dryer in the basement is open 24/7. Free detergent and downy fresheners are provided. Call host if the washer and dryer do not work, or if the supplies are out. You will be evicted if you wash your comforter, and beddings in the washing machine.

49. WALL GUIDES: You will see WALL GUIDES posted throughout the house as reminders or instructions which form part of this Full Disclosure.

50. COMMUNICATION: Call the host 24/7 DAY or DAWN to resolve all inconvenience you encounter.

51. NOTICE: This Full Disclosure may be changed anytime without notice.

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