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Private terrace, perfect for relaxing!
Private terrace, perfect for relaxing!
  • Private terrace of the apartment for relaxing, enjoying amazing views & soaking up some sun!
  • Private terrace and entrance to the apartment.
During spring and summer the vine above provides a nice shade over half of the terrace so you can enjoy sitting outside protected from the sun and heat.
  • Private terrace, perfect for relaxing!
  • View of the apartment building. Notice the proximity to the sea.
  • Outside table and the view of the islands.
  • A view from the terrace. Small boat regularly take passengers to visit the islands from here.
  • View of the inside space. The studio is small but very functional, well equipped kitchen with utensils, small table if you are not eating at the big table on the terrace (with additional fold-up chairs), double bed, wardrobe, and sofa bed.
  • Sofa bed which expands to a double bed.
  • Inside of this functional studio.
The kitchen has a dishwasher, oven, kettle, coffee machine.
  • Inside space. The bathroom is down the staircase, between kitchen and the bed. The staircase is spiral but not steep.
  • The bathroom.
  • The bathroom which is located down a spiral staircase. 

Includes a washing machine (washing detergent is not provided).
  • The building - there are other apartments above and to the side, but my apartment is the only one with the terrace and frontal entrance. All the other apartments are accessed from the entrance behind the building.
  • View from the terrace
  • Terrace - looking at the islands. Half the terrace is under a nice natural shade during spring & summer which provides protection from the sun and heat, so you can enjoy all the time outside.
  • A view from the terrace separated from the sea by a tiny stretch of road.
  • The two islands which you can see from the terrace.
  • Entrance door.
  • Entrance
  • Terrace - looking from the road.
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Private terrace, perfect for relaxing!
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