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Прогулка по холмам парка Раньон Каньон с собакой-спасателем

Прогулка по холмам парка Раньон Каньон с собакой-спасателем

Duration:2 часа
Languages:Язык: Английский
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I'm the co-founder of Free Animal Doctor—a non-profit animal welfare organization. I love dogs, and am passionate about helping humans live up to the image dogs have of us.

Об организации Free Animal Doctor

Free Animal Doctor helps individuals and organizations raise money for animals when they cannot afford some or all of the money needed for their care. We provide a secure crowdfunding platform, where all donations are paid to the veterinarian. www.facebook.com/FreeAnimalDr
Это благотворительный проект , все средства от которого будут направлены в организацию Free Animal Doctor. .

Чем мы займемся

The Original Rescue Dog Hike, read the reviews! We hike with multiple dogs that are up for adoption right now! We'll set off from West Hollywood and hike up Runyon Canyon with new friends: a jovial pack of rescue dogs. Along with exercising and socializing these dogs, you'll help us take photos of them to publicize their cases. As we hike, we'll photograph the pack in Hollywood-centric locations…

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We will be in direct sun, bring sunscreen & other protective wear. There are no bathrooms in Runyon Canyon. Your friendly dog is welcome to join us! Please note that street parking is very difficult.

Что я предоставлю

Bottle of water

Что взять с собой

Backpack or bag to carry bottled water
Camera or Smart Phone
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$45 с человека
$45 с человека